9 Best Chef Knives

Professional chefs work long hours everyday in tough exhausting conditions and one of the reasons they can do that is because they have the right tools for their job. You see chefs use good quality professional knives which are designed to reduce fatigue when making multiple cuts and maintain a sharp consistent edge. This helps a great deal in the rigors of a hot kitchen and it could also help you at home to invest in a good quality pro knife. Here areĀ 9 Best Chef Knives you can use for your kitchen.

1. Victorinox 8″ Fibrox

This well balanced knife features a high carbon content stainless steel blade which really holds its edge, meaning minimal sharpening needs. With conical grinding of the blade this product can cut efficiently from all angles making it adaptable to your personal style. The grippy Fibrox handle means it won’t slip through your fingers and is also easy on the hands which means you can chop for hours without excess fatigue.

2. Zyliss 7.25″ Chef’s Knife

Don’t let the low price tag fool you, the Zyliss Chef’s Knife holds a quality well above its $15 value. Okay, so you won’t see this in a pro kitchen most likely because it does require more maintenance than most to hold its edge. That being said though this is a great knife for people who have physical challenges such as arthritis, hand cramps or carpal tunnel syndrome. The reason for this is the very forgiving ergonomic handle that reduces fatigue for the user. It is otherwise a good cutting knife that with a regular sharpening will serve you well in your kitchen tasks.

3. Wusthof Classic Hollow-Ground Santoku Knife

Most chef’s knifes tend to be large and a little intimidating for non pros. As a result people of smaller stature with more diminutive hands may shy away from a good knife. However, if they get a Wustof Classic Hollow-Ground Santoku they will find a smaller chef’s knife with all the chops (pardon the pun) of a pro knife. Available in 5″ and 7″ versions this carbon steel knife holds an impressive edge. The clever style blade is great for breaking down meat or dicing vegetables.

4. Global GF-33 Heavyweight Chef’s Knife

Many chefs favor a knife in which the blade and handle are one single piece of metal and the Global GF-33 is just such a knife. This heavy-duty knife really lets you know you are holding something and adds a little weight behind your cuts. Its tough molybdenum/vanadium steel blade can hold its edge for a long time meaning low maintenance. This blade is a little longer than most at 8.25 inches but its slender handle makes it suitable for all hand sizes.

5. Shun Premier Chef’s Knife

A favorite of the cooks at Benihana, this blade is tried and tested in a professional environment. This hand hammered beauty is made from Damascus steel and is prized for its textured appearance which helps stop food from sticking to the blade. Its razor sharp 16-degree angle is sharper than European style blades meaning it will cut smoothly with less effort. Obviously because of how sharp this knife is perhaps don’t try and reenact what you see at Benihana they have been practicing for years you haven’t.

6. Wusthof Classic Cook’s Knife

Another popular knife among the pro kitchens it is likely most high quality establishments will have at least one of these on hand. Carved and sharpened with Wusthof’s own laser technology these blades are top notch when it comes to cutting. It is made from hardened carbon steel so holds its edge for a long time. This knife comes in a range of sizes to suit the needs of most users.

7. Henckels Twin Four Star II Chef’s Knife

Chefs are rarely lazy when it comes to keeping a sharp edge on their blades but that does not mean they wouldn’t want a knife like the Twin Four Star II. This stainless steel blade has gone through a unique ice hardening process which allows it to hold a solid edge for longer than most other blades on the market. Its polypropylene handle is substantial enough and comfortable enough to reduce cutting fatigue which is so vital in a busy kitchen.

8. Kyocera Ceramic Chef’s Knife

Traditionally chefs for the most part favor metal blades over the relatively new technology of ceramic blades. This is because ceramic blades have a reputation for being easily damaged but this knife may change all that. The Kyocera Ceramic Chef’s knife has a zirconium oxide blade which is actually tougher than some metal blades on the market. It was sharpened using a diamond grinding process which means it has a heck of a edge on it. The real thing it holds over metal blades is that it is resistant to the corrosive conditions that can ruin standard cutting edges.

9. Bob Kramer 10″ Carbon Steel Chef’s Knife

A 10″ blade is somewhat of overkill in most kitchens but sometimes a chef may need or want something with this kind of size. This blade offers a gentle downward arc to the blade which minimizes exertion when cutting and features a tough carbon steel construction. The African blackwood handle is ergonomically designed for comfort and to help you handle the blade weight a little better.


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