6 Best Camping Lanterns

The light of a campfire is a primal experience but in today’s modern world if you are going camping you really should have an extra source of light. You see, fires die down and sometimes you have to get up in the night when nature calls so you need something to light the way. This is where a good camping lantern comes in very handy especially ones that are tough and efficient.

1. Black Diamond Orbit

When every ounce counts in terms of how much camping gear you are carrying then a lightweight camping lantern may take precedence over power. This is certainly the case with the Orbit, which may not be as powerful as others in the Black Diamond range but it is markedly lighter. It is a 4.7 ounce lantern that uses LED light. The orbit has brightness adjustment and also comes with a flashlight for more portable nocturnal trips.

2. Coleman North Star

These days most people will opt for the safe battery powered lanterns and shy away from fuel powered ones like the North Star. The fact is though those people are really missing out on a quality high powered lantern which uses propane power to kick out over 1,500 lumens. It is a 3 lb lantern which means it is substantial and it has a tough bulb surround that will protect against burns and minimize the risk of accidents. The only real drawback is a short life as this lantern can only manage 7-14 hours of light depending on how bright you have it set.

3. Weatherrite 610


There is no escaping the fact that electrical powered lanterns just can’t produce the same light levels as fuel versions. The Weatherrite, however, can offer a decent amount of light despite being battery powered, kicking out 270 lumens. Obviously that is nothing compared to the North Star but it is still adequate for lighting up a small campsite. This is a tough all weather lantern that can cope with the elements and even though it uses a fair bit of battery power you can still get up to 25 hours use out of it.

4. UST 30-Day

The name says it all, the UST 30-Day can indeed run for up to a month, although admittedly that is on its lowest setting. Regardless this is a very economic lantern which was obviously designed to save power while still giving a decent glow. It can kick out between 29-300 lumens and only weighs in at about 2lbs, minus batteries. This is a generally sturdy piece although the handle could be stronger on this model.

5. Rayovac Sportsman

So, the Rayovac may not be the most powerful or most efficient and perhaps it is not the toughest lantern on the market, but it is a great combo of all three. While there are other lanterns that outshine it in individual categories this lantern is a solid all-rounder. It can kick out up to 240 lumens, has a maximum battery life of up to 90 hours and it’s tough enough to take some camping abuse.

6. Coleman Duo/Quad LED

This is a very innovative lantern from Coleman which, unlike the North Star is fully battery powered. It is a quality decent lantern which may not win big in the standard categories but it has a very novel feature. The lighting bulbs within the body of the lantern are removable so that they become portable personal torches. This means in the Duo version there are two torches and in the quad version four. Pretty handy for a family heading to various bathrooms in the woods.


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