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10 Best Camping Cots

A camping cot is a form of foldable camping bed that can certainly help improve your comfort in most camping scenarios. No one wants to carry a camping cot straight through a forest meaning they are mainly intended for more recreational camping outdoors done in family-friendly campgrounds, National Parks, or summer camps to name a few areas. The main feature that can make the camping cot practical is the metal structure which unfolds to produce a setup for sleeping. Usually, some type of durable fabric is utilized to work as a foundation on which to set a foam or perhaps air mattress with a sleeping bag added to that. On many occasions however people choose to ignore the foam or even air mattress. Many will also abandon the sleeping bag and make use of regular blankets + pillow combo.

In light of that, there are plenty of sleeping cots for grown-ups out there and locating the perfect one for you may be a bit of a chore. Well, we are here to help you. We have sifted through the camping cot arena and identified the 10 best camping cots; one of which will certainly be best for your next camping trip.


1. KingCamp Compact Folding Tent Cot

KingCamp manufactures some excellent outdoor equipment and their Ultralight Compact Folding Camping Tent Cot is perfect and the top of the checklist. This camping cot offers excellent mechanism allowing it to fold down to almost nothing and yet establish a large 75 x 25-inch setup that will support around 265 lbs. The lucrative load capacity means it’s ideal for almost everybody. Another bonus is that it rides under 5 inches off the floor so if the weather conditions get really cold you won’t encounter much by way of heat drain. It is as appealing as it is practical and includes its own pillow too. Ideal camping cot for backpacking getaways with the friends and family, cross country bike excursions, to use as an emergency bed etc.


2. Coleman 80×32 Pack-Away Cot

The Pack-Away Cot is a classic camping cot granted a modern remodel with advanced components and style cues. It is the camping cot with a little more in that it offers a removable side desk for your book, lamp, coffee or other personal stuff. At 32 inches The Pack-Away setup is broader compared to most other camping cots – which can be a real plus with regards to this sort of sleeping layout – and the framework features a load capacity of 300 lbs. Coleman’s been producing dependable, inexpensive camping tools for decades and the Pack-Away is a great illustration of how they stay on top of buyer wants and trends. Sure it’s somewhat bulkier as compared to some other camping cots but it’s also bigger, tougher and will hold more weight.


3. Byer Of Maine Easy Cot

Byer of Maine has placed loads of thought into the layout of their Easy camping cot and it truly delivers. From the bigger than typical 78 x 31 inch setup to the 600 Denier polyester and the unbelievably practical and effective manner. The camping cot will catch your eye with its appearance and offer you with its luxury and functionality. The welded metal legs can assist around 325 lbs and you won’t detect any braces drilling into your back. An additional advantage is that the sidebars are totally covered in fabric as well which means you won’t have any uncomfortable cold shocks in case your leg or arm rubs up against one overnight. This may be the greatest camping cot out there for under $100.


4. Coleman Comfortsmart Deluxe Cot

Our next Coleman item is the Comfortsmart Deluxe Cot. It is the comfiest camping one on our list and is now much desired by typical campers. It performs its charm thru a coil suspension device and the foam bedding that makes resting in the camping tent almost as comfy as sleeping in your own personal bed. It can support around 300 lbs and even though you’re 6’ 6” your legs won’t be loosely dangling off the end. The idea that the Comfortsmart does not fold up all that small is nonessential actually. You don’t buy this padded camping cot to toss it in your bag and slog it up the hill. You purchase it to be able to wake up in the camping area in the morning feeling completely rejuvenated and geared toward another day in the outdoors.


5. TETON Sports Outfitter XXL

This camping cot bears one of the highest load features in the trade at 600 lbs but you wouldn’t recognize it by examining it. The key to its load bearing potential is the trademarked S-Leg Assembly system that spreads weight uniformly across a bigger surface instead of keeping all the stress to carry on one point where the framework folds. Nevertheless, all the steely planning wouldn’t be worth considering if it wasn’t for the 600D polyester fabric that forms the foundation of the sleeping setup. Toss in the fact that the Outfitter XXL is also more than 7 ft long and you’ve obtained the best sleeping cot anyone from the youngsters to grownups will love.


6. Timber Ridge Deluxe XL

This Camping Cot is huge, sturdy and practical and can function, like the most camping cots, both in the campground and in the home. Just like you might visualize the XL in the name implies you get a little extra space to sleep on than what you do with a typical camping cot. Do note, this deluxe camping bed is not an outdoor cot and a number of the steel parts could possibly rust. Ensure that it stays out of the rain and you’re all set for a long time. The overall weight of the Deluxe XL is a comparatively moderate 24 1/2 lbs so while you won’t be hauling it up to the peak of the mountain you shouldn’t get any issues moving it around the campsite or packing and unpacking it.


7. Big Agnes Helinox Cot One V2

The V2 rides only 6 inches off the floor meaning that with an excellent sleeping pad you can utilize it in all but the most horrible circumstances and never have to bother about intense heat drain. That low position also signifies less steel in the framework to boost weight efficiency, and without a doubt, the One V2 is among the lightest full-sized camping cots available today clocking in at an incredibly trim 4.2 lbs. You may even entertain thoughts of carrying it into the woods for hunting or backpacking. The manufacturers here were mindful mainly with potency and so you can find shock-corded framework sections instead of metal hinges that may include weight. Yet those legs will still support an extremely remarkable 320 lbs.


8. EARTH Ultimate “Extra-Strong” Military

Earth Ultimate offers all the extra elements you want. Extra strong, additional storage space, added practical and additional convenient can be a few ‘extras’ that pop into your head when you use this camping cot. It got an extra sturdy frame, that may easily assist around 450 lbs. It features extra storage for the huge zip pocket at the top and service pockets on the side. It is extra useful because it is possible to keep your own water bottle, tactical flashlight, compass, multi-tool, and more right whenever you need it. And finally “extra convenient” since you can bring this tent cot to your own off-road tent site given it weighs a practical 17 1/2 lbs.


9. KingCamp Camping Cot Military Style

This Military Style camping cot is probably the company’s best-looking cot and additionally among its lightest and simplest to install and break down. Once opened it offers a 300D polyester sleeping setup 75 inches long and also 25 inches broad strung between side track designed from aircraft grade lightweight aluminum. When closed, it is compact which means it won’t hog space in the trunk of your vehicle or be difficult to keep at home. Among the cot’s most charming attributes is the speed and simplicity with which it can be established and folded away. It basically takes only a few seconds as soon as you get accustomed to it. An additional reward is the fact that it’s comparatively lightweight too; checking in at approximately 13 lbs.


10. Mountain Trails Base Camp Cot

The sleeping platform is a lucrative 75 x 30 inches and weighs only 9 lbs, rests only 6 inches off the floor and has certainly the thinnest outline of any high-quality camping cot available today. The fabric is durable 600D polyester and can hold 225 lbs easily. This is a nice looking, low-riding, handy to carry, effortless install the piece of camping equipment that’s light enough to maybe even be looked at a backpacking cot. Moreover, it has a great carrying sack that connects easily to the bag. The Base Camp is also practical to have in your home in case the children are having overnight visitors or someone has to sleep rather than drive after an occasion.


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