The 25 Best Apps for Health & Fitness

Ask yourself this question, how many hours a day do you spend in front of a computer screen? Very often the answer is shocking and you get to thinking “I should be doing something else, maybe getting some exercise.” We all know that a sedentary lifestyle isn’t healthy so we could all use a little health and fitness advice. Well, just like everything else we can find that advice online and in app form so why don’t we have a little look at 25 of the best options out there.

1. Ab Workouts:



Where do you start when building that tight and toned body? The core, of course, and this is why the Ab Workout app is perfect for getting started. This simple app gives you access to videos and tutorials for the best abdominal workouts available. On top of that it also gives you a list of foods which are great for burning midsection fat.

2. Authentic Yoga with Deepak Chopra and Tara Stiles:

yoga-appWhen a physician and a yoga expert get together you can bet they can create routines that are great for your body. This app offers up a portable set of yoga instructional videos created by physician Deepak Chopra and well respected yoga instructor Tara Stiles. Learn how to stretch and tone those muscles for just $1.99.

3. Vitogo Fitness Personal Trainer


If you went to the gym and paid a personal trainer to get your butt into shape it would cost a fortune. Well, for less than a dollar you can have an app create a workout regime for you which will evolve with you as your conditioning improves. The app customizes your workout, runs you through your paces and measures your rest periods. You need the willpower of course because it’s easier to ignore a recorded voice than a real trainer.

4. Daily Ab Workout:

daily-ab-workout-appYou may not be looking to score a perfectly toned six pack but you may instead just want a flatter stomach. This app offers a low intensity option to work your abdominal region with 3 simple daily workouts that will keep you toned. The app will walk you through the workouts and before long you will master them.

5. FitnessClass:

fitness-class-appWe are a social species so it’s little wonder that we want to be part of networks. This is why FitnessClass is the thing for social fitness training. If you don’t have time to attend a workout class at a gym this is something close to that. You can get access to a whole library of workout videos which you can review and discuss with friends. You can post your success to your social media sites and also track your physical progress by tracking calories burned.

6. Nike Training Club:


With Nike in the name you know there is some sporting pedigree behind the app. This app offers you the chance to access 100+ workout videos designed to improve fitness and stamina. The detailed workouts will run you through your paces and help you track your personal health. It will store your workout history and help you build up your fitness levels.

7. GymGoal Plus:

gym-goal-appThis app is a pretty comprehensive tool which will allow you to really take fitness seriously. With a number of fitness calculators you can track how in shape you are based on your body type and weight. The in depth workout videos make it clear what muscle groups are being worked and which are being neglected. This will help you customize your workouts to be more thorough and effective.

8. MapMyRun:

map-my-run-appThis is a great app for daily runners who want to track their running statistics. It is a GPS active app which will log where you have run, how far and how quickly you have covered the distance. Using this data it can figure out the calories you burned and any improvements in performance. It allows you to push your limits and log your achievements.

9. Nike+ Running:


This app is similar to MapMyRun, offering everything that it has but adding the ability to track treadmill runs. There is also the additional feature of being able to post your running routes on your social media so you can maybe find some running friends to run with.

10. iTriage:


There is more to health than working out, of course, you also have to watch out for signs of illness. This then is why iTriage is a great app because it is essentially a mobile WebMD. You can use it to help diagnose symptoms as well as quickly learn first aid tips in the event of emergencies. It also allows you to track and store your health records.

11. Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker:


Exercise is one thing but without nutrition you only have half the equation. This then is why the Watch your Calorie Intake App is a great option. It offers you access to a host of healthy recipes as well as a barcode scanning feature to help you track the nutrition in what you eat.

12. MyNetDiary:


This is another food scanning app like Watch Your Calorie but it has a few other extras including a water intake tracker and exercise tracker. Essentially this is a hybrid between a workout and nutrition app making for a more complete health tool.

13. Foodily Recipes:

foodily-appFollow your favorite healthy eating chefs or share your low calorie meal creations with a community of healthy eaters. This is a social food app which allows you to find healthy recipes to try at home and get professional nutrition advice from cooking experts. If you are a cook this is the app for you to help with your weight control efforts.

14. Fooducate:

fooducate-appTo really establish a healthy relationship with food you need to understand it and this app really breaks it down for you. This is another scanning app which will actually grade the foods for healthy content from A-D. It is a community based app which helps you access articles about the dangers of some kinds of foods and allows you to review foods as well.

15. LiveStrong Calorie Tracker:

calorie-tracker-appThis is a comprehensive app that pulls together everything you need in a fitness app. Workout advice as well as nutritional advice is all a short search away as are tools that help you get healthy and in shape. Track your weight, exercise and caloric intake with this apps tools and watch as you get yourself into the shape you have been craving.

16. Lose It!:


This is another weight loss tracking tool which again allows you to track the nutrition via barcodes or by inputting nutritional values for prepared meals. You can track your workouts and compare your calories burned vs. eaten. This way you can set up a weight loss plan.

17. Weight Watchers Mobile:


This app shouldn’t need much explanation, as Weight Watchers is one of the most popular weight loss organizations in the world. Rather than dealing with calories burned or consumed everything is measured in points and well, the success of this company speaks for itself. Take the WW program on the road with you to keep yourself losing weight wherever you go.

18. Healthy Diet & Grocery Store Scanner:


I know I have already mentioned a few food scanning apps but here’s one last one with a little extra. This of course does all the same nutritional scanning as the others but it has the added edge of being programmable to avoid certain things. You can choose to use this to look out for potential food allergens as well as ingredients that you want to avoid such as trans fats.

19. Cardiograph:


This app stuns me because I can’t believe how it works. Using the flash of your camera this app can illuminate your finger tip and read your heart rate. Because the light shines through your skin it highlights the blood vessels in your finger tip and the changing color as your blood pumps through is used to work out your heart rate. This is cool in my eyes because you don’t need any additional kit other than the app.

20. Instant Heart Rate:


This is another crazy clever app which yet again uses the camera to track your heart rate through your finger tip. You just hold the tip of your finger over the camera view finder and the app tracks the pulse through your blood vessels.

21. UHear:


If you feel like you are asking people to speak louder or repeat themselves your hearing may be impaired for some reason. You may not want to visit the doctor to get checked out but you can use this app to administer an at home hearing test. If the results indicate a problem you may want to get that checked out although our range of hearing decreases naturally as we age.

22. EyeXam:

eyexam-appSo, if your ears are all diagnosed what about that other important sense, sight? Well, as with everything, there’s an app for that – EyeXam. This app will not only put your peepers to the test but it will help you book appointments to get your eyes looked at as well find special offers which can help you seeing as clearly as possible.

23. Glucose Buddy:

glucose-buddy-appA life saving app is an app worth having in my opinion and this one potentially could be just that. Glucose Buddy as you may imagine is designed for diabetics who need to track specific health details to keep themselves safe. This is a diary app which lets diabetics monitor blood number, medicine doses, carb intake and a host of other vital numbers that require monitoring.

24. Period Tracker Lite:

period-tracker-appFemale reproductive health may be very specific category but it is certainly worthy of an entry in the top 25. This clever tracker is a diary and predictor app that which can be used to monitor details about menstrual cycles and offer predictions for when cycles are due to start. It also helps track optimum times of fertility which can really help those looking to start a family.

25. Pill Identifier:


We may not realize it but pills come in different shapes and colors because they need to be identified easily in case they end up loose out of their bottles. This app helps you identify what a certain pill is by its appearance which decreases the risk of taking the wrong pills.


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