Tombot Realistic Robot Dog

The Tombot Realistic Robot Dog is easily the most reasonable robotic emotional support animal. It seems like a real puppy, with its furry figure, flappy ears, and adorable face. Significantly, the one thing that gives it away is the fact that the dog’s expressions don’t actually change in radical … [Read more...] about Tombot Realistic Robot Dog

Off the Grid Book

If you are searching for ideas for your personal escape home placed in one of the world’s most charming spots, this book is for you. Innovation in concepts and home-generated alternative energy have made building off of the city and rural establishments more efficient, inexpensive and attractive … [Read more...] about Off the Grid Book

Decade Planner Calendar

Want to start a business? Track your performance? Or plan everything ahead of you? If you do, have a look at Workhow’s long term wall calendar. It is a sizable and tough calendar for 2019-2028 in a scroll format. Additionally, you can view 24 months at a time if you desire. You can use it to set … [Read more...] about Decade Planner Calendar