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Eewrite E-Pad E-Ink Android Tablet – Lasts a Whole Week Between Charges

It seems like any standard tablet, whilst one with a white-colored paper-like display screen, rather than the TV-like backlit shades of the average tablet. Compared to normal tablets, however, it is all grayscale, which means you won’t be capable to see things in color, all while arriving with a slower refresh pace, so utilizing it […]

Trtl Pillow Plus Wraparound Neck Pillow

Similar to other travel pillows, this one is made to wear around the neck, letting you nod off comfortably, so you can rise up from your sleep with no pain on your neck. In contrast to others, it is height-adjustable, letting you modify it to the specific length of your neck, making sure it creates […]

Fat Gripz Ultimate Arm Builder

Fat Gripz function by wrapping around the weights (dumbbells, barbells, chin-up bars) and boosting the diameter. Don’t let the simpleness deceive you – the larger diameter drives your arms to develop like never before. Don’t just take our word for it. Fat Gripz has gained the two biggest awards in fitness and has been utilized […]

Wingsuit Flyers Landing in an Airplane Mid-Air

Wingsuit flyers Vince Reffet and Fred Fugen also known as “The Soul Flyers” pulled off an outrageous stunt in the mountain ranges of Switzerland. They B.A.S.E. jumped from a 13,000 feet peak, began to take aim at an airplane flying at a reduced elevation, then landed inside although it was in mid-air. It’s a breath-taking […]

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