Temi Personal Robot

Temi Personal Robot is the first robot having the true ability to interact with humans while offering seamless autonomous navigation, dynamic video and audio experiences and advanced AI. Connect to your friends, smart devices, media and video communications, harnessed by the power of your voice, hands-free. The Robox Navigation System provides path planning, 3D mapping, face recognition, user detection, […]

Lignum Skid Wood Chefs Knives

The Lignum Skid Wood Chefs Knives are made with high-quality Robinia wood, which makes it 3 times tougher than Oak and extremely tough. This hugely popular version of the Skid originates fully from mother nature and was produced in a sustainable and sensible fashion. Each last item of cutlery from Lignum is continued quality tested, […]

SUPERRIDE Self-Balancing Electric Unicycle

The SUPERRIDE S1000 lets drivers sit, as on a motorbike or bicycle, during use, as self-balancing gyroscopic system steadies the uni and instantly acts to body placement and motion, along with the motion of the scooter itself. Its control arises from the rider’s distribution of weight – lean forward to speed up, back to reduce […]

Companion Emergency Survival System

People say the first 72 hours after a catastrophe are the most crucial, and what does one do in those initial 72 hours can either save you or kill you. The Companion is the world´s most sophisticated 2 person survival system, it offers over 40 life-saving items, turning it into the most efficient, portable go […]

Cat Camp – Mini Camping Tent for Your Cat

Cat Camp is a mini tent specifically built for your lovely cats. Providing them with hand-crafted comfortable tents where they can hide and take a nap. It looks like an actual tent reduced in size to perfectly fit them and makes it a cool new hideout. Made with durable materials which can endure scratches and […]

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