Mario Piranha Plant Slippers

The Mario Piranha Plant Slippers will make any Nintendo geek love every moment they wear it at home. It’s as comfy as any typical indoor slippers which come with a home base where you can put it when not in use. That home base seems like a warp pipe from the Super Mario game making […]

Robo-Shark Underwater Drone

A bionic robotic drone modeled to look and move like a shark, the Robo-Shark can get around the underwater at speeds of around 10 knots (11.5 MPH), and move to depths of around 300 meters (nearly 1 ,000′). As outlined by RoboSea, the Great Black Drone also performs all this in a hush, because of a […]

Titan Smart Trash Bin – Lets You Compact Trash Easily

  Titan Smart Trash Bin carries a function that allows you to precisely compact the trash to make more space without getting trash out. To utilize the smart trash can compactor, simply stock up the garbage until it is approaching the brim, the pull-up on the handle on the edge of the bin, and begin pressing […]

OrchidBox Smart Mini Terrarium

The OrchidBox self-contained mini ecosystem features Wi-Fi connectivity and an associated app that let the plants to connect with sunrise/sunset times and monitor its own watering requirements. The OrchidBox can be a plug-and-grow container, so you will not require pumps of fans, and there is no reason to find out how to utilize complex configurations. […]

Mini Golfing Man Indoor Golf Game

If you like playing golf but want to do it at home or indoors, you might want to try out this fun mini golfing man golf game. A mini golfer figure is attached to the end of your golf club that allows you to play a tiny game of golf. What makes it awesome is that […]

Gotrax Electric Scooter for Commuters

The GXL electric scooter is built with an attractive, wireless style so you arrive in sleek style, each and every time. But you’re not replacing toughness and performance for style and design – the electric scooter features a reinforced body and purposely designed functions. The GXL will give 12 miles of range and with a […]

GLOW Full-Surface LED Sneakers

  GLOW sneakers take snazzy shoes to the next step with a grid of LEDs overlaying the full exterior of their uppers. It is possible to set the lights to one of 6 different colors or have them off and rock their simple bright white. When off, GLOW sneakers offer a trendy sporty style shoe appearance. […]

Breaking Bad RV Incense Burner

This miniature Breaking Bad RV replica is basically an incense burner which allows you to burn incense cones or perhaps bricks within it. Including a top vent that will make it look flawlessly like the RV on the Television show! The incense burner is manufactured from ceramic, so there is no reason to be concerned […]

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