Star Wars Yoda Bookend

We’d love to introduce another cool item for Star Wars fans. It is a metallic Star Wars Yoda bookend for your Star Wars book collection. It makes it look as if the famous Jedi Master is holding up your textbooks with his incredible force powers. You can display a variety of venerated Jedi texts—or your […]

The Skylight is a touch-screen digital photo frame you can update by email from anywhere

The New Skylight Digital Photo Frame, Great Gift Idea Staying in touch with loved ones is important, especially for those that are miles apart. The next generation of digital photo frames, the Skylight, makes staying in touch easy. With all the digital images that are exchanged via email, Facebook, Instagram and others, it’s easy to […]

10 Best Survival Food Kits

In a calamity, survival or disaster, the use of sufficient and dependable food supplies and nourishment is important. From trekking in the backwoods to emergency and disaster readiness at your home or while traveling, food ought to represent an essential ingredient in your approach for keeping health and making sure optimum functionality during times of […]

Camp Tent Cat Bed – Tiny Indoor/Outdoor Camping Tents for Cats

Cat Camp is an excellent collection of very little, feline sized beds that appear similar to human tents. Such tents are compact, simple to set up, suitable for indoor or light outdoor use and offers cats with a comfortable hiding place and the ability to still watch what’s happening. Felines love compact, dark and cozy […]

GJS GEIO Battle Robots Augmented Reality FPS

The GJS GEIO Battle Robot lets you clash robots against each other. Of course, they won’t really harm one another in a crazy melee in your own home. Rather, the robots are made to move effortlessly across whatever surface area they’re on, evading attacks from their enemies and orienting on their own in ideal shooting […]

Tammock Freestanding Hammock-Tent Hybrid

A combination of a hammock and camping tent, Tammock is entirely freestanding — which means you don’t need any kind of trees or another hammock stand to make use of it. Instead, the integrated stand is created specifically to incorporate into the framework of the tent on its own. So you get all of the […]

ExtremeMist Personal Cooling System

The ‘ExtremeMist’ cooling system is a wearable alternative for sportsmen to utilize when spending prolonged durations outdoors to avoid overheating and dehydration. The unit functions by being linked with current hydration techniques to pull water out of them and convert it into a soothing mist that lessens ambient air temps around the user by around […]

Gift Republic 100 Places Scratch Off Bucket List Poster

The Gift Republic 100 Places Scratch Off Bucket List Poster compiles 100 of the most breathtaking, gorgeous places on the planet. Scratch them off when you’re home to look at an amazing image of the location. This is the best gift for every jet Setter-making the trip more memorable. Owning one will certainly inspire you […]

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