Purtrek – A Telescoping Trekking Pole that Purifies Water

Created by Utah-based businessman Kyle Stringham, the 17-oz ( 482-g ) PurTrek is utilized as a normal ol’ telescoping trekking pole when its owner is on the go. However, when you stop to hydrate at a river or stream, you can simply stick the pole’s carbide end under the water, after that release and pull-up […]

VIDEO: Terraquad Amphibious ATV – Conquer Land or Water at 45mph

The Terraquad amphibious ATV is set to deal with whatever Mother Nature tosses its way. This adaptable two-seater features a 4-cylinder 140 hp system that can get to rates of speed of 50 mph on terrain and 45 mph over water. Conquer everything be it land or water!

Robot Flowerpot – Moves to Get its Onboard Plant More Light

Tianqi Sun, the creator of the Chinese robotics firm Vincross has changed one of its unique works of art, the HEXA, into an extremely clever six-legged robot flowerpot. The machine interacts with the its surroundings to effectively meet the requirements of the built in plant. When the plant requires light, it will move itself over […]

Arctic Fox Igloos

The Arctic Fox Igloos offers the magestic experience of Finland’s nightly phenomenon. Bedrooms are situated in a glass dome-like framework providing a kitchenette as well as double bed. Facingg the lakeshore, all is absorbed in the arctic terrain while its isolated set up should make it an excellent spot for observing the Northern Lights. A […]

VIDEO: ecoRobotix Weeding Robot

The ecoRobotix is a weeding robot that is able to do all weeding tasks on the farm purely by itself. An intelligent weeding machine, the automaton can go exploring croplands all by itself, having its way among the vegetation without harming any of them. Best of all, it can recognize weeds and deal with them […]

DJI Mavic 2 Pro & Zoom

The update to DJI’s stellar Mavic collapsible photography and video drone can be purchased in two models. The Mavic 2 Pro features a 20MP Hasselblad digital camera, as the Mavic 2 Zoom carries a 12MP camera that can swap from wide to telephoto on the move. If you love to take photos of you adventures […]

Buttmaker Eccentric Butt Workout Device – Easily Get that Instagram Booty

Want a firm butt without surgery? Achieve it through efficient exercise routines with the Buttmaker Eccentric Butt Workout Device. Showcasing patent-pending technologies, this fitness gadget uses unconventional training to effectively grow your butt muscle tissues and enhance butt muscle fiber strength. Furthermore, Buttmaker lets you train effectively in almost any spot. There are lots of […]

Kalashnikov Electric Supercar Takes On Tesla With Its Retro Styled e-Car

The boxy blue sedan was showcased to the press at a defense expo around Moscow on August 23, getting into lots of other offbeat prototype automobiles in the company’s stable. Labeled the CV-1, the electric powered car’s look is influenced by the Izh-Kombi, a tiny Soviet vehicle developed for people in the seventies. It may […]

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