Shiftpod 2 Portable Shelter

Built with a trademarked six-layer composite reflective material, the Shiftpod 2 Portable Shelter offers a secure area anywhere you want it. Stowed inside the integrated 900D bag, it is around 6 feet long and 1 foot tall/wide, but it maximizes to a 144 sq feet, 6’7″-tall refuge in under one minute. Numerous screened doors and […]

Tonal Smart Resistance Training System – World’s Smartest Home Gym

Tonal Smart Resistance Training System is made around a twin cable crossover device, letting you execute countless workout routines with nothing but one machine. On both sides of the equipment you find an arm that keeps the wire, whose position you can still modify anyplace along the equipment’s elevation, all while having the ability to […]

Dakboard V2 Wall Display

The majority of us use digital applications to take care of our busy daily lives. It is common sense to swap our typical wall-hanging calendars with a bit more digital functionality. That is precisely what the Dakboard v2 Wall Display will do. It links effortlessly to most major online work schedule solutions such as iCloud […]

Narke Electric Jet Ski – World’s First Production Electrojet

Narke Electric Jet Ski, the world’s first production electrojet, is an eco-conscious personal vessel. Its exclusive three-phase asynchronous engine pushes the carbon fiber-reinforced compound hull around 34 miles per hour while staying eerily silent. The battery can last around 1.5 hours per charge which enables you to hit 80% capacity in 2 hours of charging, […]

Napoli Neapolitan Outdoor Pizza Oven Multi Fuel

Napoli Neapolitan Outdoor Pizza Oven is a tabletop pizza oven that allows you to prepare your pizzas using charcoal, wood, and gas, to help you just attach it up to the gas pipe when you don’t have any fire wood or charcoal around. Its adaptability with charcoal and gas indicates you can utilize this oven […]

Rowrite Smart Writing Pad – Use a Regular Pen To Capture Digital Format

Love writing, sketching or drawing? The Rowrite Smart Writing Pad is a super sensitive writing pad that allows you to use a tension sensitive pen with normal ink so you might feel you’re sketching habitually on paper. The notepad has fantastic precision in getting the pens´ motions and can get whatever you’re composing or drawing into […]

LEGO Fortnite Double Barrel Shotgun

Are you a LEGO fan or enjoy playing Fortnite? Take a look at this cool creation! LEGO fanatic ZaziNombies manufactured a life-size model of the fashionable double barrel shotgun in Fortnite. It is manufactured from 1100 LEGO pieces, weighs in at 4 pounds and is almost 2 feet long. It also features a working reload […]

HoverSeat Hoverboard – Ride Your Lawnchair Using A Hoverboard Motor

The HoverSeat has made the lazy man’s personal transport wheels even more convenient. Rather than standing on a hoverboard’s footpads the fullness of your trip, the accessory lets you sit on the 10 miles per hour toy vehicle. The HoverSeat features a compact aluminum chassis with back wheels that brackets at the middle of the […]

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