One80 LED Headlamp – Say Goodbye to Tunnel Vision, 180 Degree Perimeter of Light

The One80 LED Headlamp lights up a 180-degree perimeter, simulating the feeling of getting natural daylight, regardless of whether you are getting on a trail back to base camp, checking out a cave, or examining on your car’s system by the side of the street. This way, it is possible to see the whole thing […]

Lumen Breath Metabolism Health Tracker – Tells You If Your Body Is Burning Fat Or Carbs With a Single Breath

The Lumen breathalyzer-styled technology that is said to measure a person’s metabolic process from just a single breath. Its technological innovation is dependent on the very real metabolic mechanism known as respiratory quotient (RQ). For many years experts and health professionals have tried and used RQ to figure out how a body is metabolizing macronutrients […]

Airlango Mystic Drone – Created for Autonomous Flight – Smartest Drone Under $500

The Airlango Mystic drone delivers a lot of features at a substantially lower pricing. Referred to as “the most sophisticated AI-powered drone,” the unit offers what seems to be an exceptional quantity of AI functions in a compact quadcopter. From soaring high and gesture interface to face ID and self-supporting photo capture, it has to […]

Mosquito-Zapping Camping Lantern

This mosquito-zapping camping lantern may not bear the same level of campsite entertainment but it works as an Ultraviolet bearer of electrocution and vicinity illuminator. The two-in-one zapper lantern produces 360nm – 400nm of ultraviolet light, based on your set up, and can make a mosquito protection of around 16′ x 16′. It features a […]

Tentsile Universe: 3 in 1 – A Hammock, Tent and Raft

The Tentsile Universe is a tent that you can install on the ground, hang on trees, and also use in the water. That’s correct, it is a tent that you can change into a treehouse or a water raft, to help you simply move the tent from the shore to the stream to do some […]

Warrior Axe Straight Razor for Facial Hair – Shave Like a Barbarian

The Warrior Axe Straight Razor for Facial Hair is a straight razor dressed in the likeness of a ancient throwing axe, to help you feel like a barbarian each time you shave facing the mirror. Regardless of whether you shave around your facial beard, retain a well-shaped goatee, or provide yourself a thoroughly clean shave […]

Mobile Pixels DUO Swiveling Laptop Monitor

The Mobile Pixels DUO Laptop Monitor, like other compact monitors, is a plug-and-play display that you may use to expand your workspace, mirror your display, or simply watch a movie while at work. It is built to set up right on the laptop, basically making it element of the notebook, prepared to be integrated when […]

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