SpaceX Releases Blooper Reel of Falcon 9

SpaceX made public a “blooper” video of the number of collisions and failed attempts leading to the first victorious landing of the Falcon 9. The 2-minute compilation is titled “How Not to Land an Orbital Rocket Booster,” and shows the various ways that things can go amiss during a landing, which – like true love […]

Cake Electric Mountain Bike – No Leg Muscles Needed

The Cake Kalk is a 100 % electric off-road motorbike designed to throttle its way over dust and rocks. Leg muscles aren’t needed when there is a 15-kW (20-hp) mid-motor powertrain controlling the show. As soon as the juice comes running from the 2.6-kWh lithium-ion electric battery, the drive mechanism will get the bicycle firing […]

Clip Grip – A Handle That Attaches To Any Cup or Bottle

The Clip Grip is a strap-on silicone device which can connect to any round drinking cylinder. It will instantly give you a comfortable handle much like those on an ordinary mug. Regardless of whether you want to put a handle to a pint, a feeding bottle, or a travel mug, merely strap it down around […]

SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy Rocket Launches Carrying A Tesla Roadster For Its Payload

Commercial space travel started to take a quantum leap onward now as SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy rocket done its initial trip. At 3:45 pm EST, the world’s strongest operational booster elevated away from at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, Florida on a demo mission meant to collect data about the reusable launch procedure before it makes its […]

Suvie Kitchen Robot Cooks Gourmet Meals Autonomously

Labeled as a “kitchen robot,” it’s kitchen counter equipment that will let you make complex-looking home-cooked dishes with the very least amount of energy. Yes, kind of like an Instant Pot. Other than, with four standalone cooking zones and clever composition, it enables you to make more complicated meals than the tasty one-pot recipes that […]

Space-Saving Crock-Pot Cooks Three Dishes at the Same Time

The Crock-Pot Swing & Serve features two smaller pots raised above it, letting you cook as much as three different meals while utilizing the same impact as a typical Crock-Pot. That is right, no reason to add an appliance to the countertop for more functional cooking, given that this thing can cook dinner a trio […]

Grow a Potato Garden On Your Balcony With the Paul Potato Stackable Tower

Paul Potato utilizes 6-sided storage units that are formed such that the edges are revealed when one is stashed over the other. This style makes sure each planter is subjected to some volume of sunlight, enabling the plants to grow regardless of the strange tower arrangement correctly. Apart from taking advantage of restricted space, the […]

Airbus Electric self-piloted VTOL Aircraft Takes its First Flight

The competition is heating up in the area of self-supporting flying taxis. The most recent leap forward is done by Airbus and A³ with the first triumphant, full-scale test flight of its sole passenger, self-piloted, electric powered VTOL aircraft known as Vahana. The Vahana development is comparatively new in comparison to much of its competitors […]

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