Meeting Owl 360 Degree Video Conference Camera

  The Meeting Owl Video Conference Camera is the first 360° smart video conferencing camera that instantly highlights and shifts focus to different people in the room when they speak, so you know what’s happening as if you are there. You can see and hear all the people inside the room. It offers the usual microphone, […]

Japanese Construction Robot

The latest video from National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology in Japan displays a prototype robot built to work on construction sites in scenarios where there is a scarcity of human workers. The machine is currently slow but also surprisingly precise, revealing a future where human-like robots could swap a lot more human […]

Drone vs. Airplane Wing

For those who have any doubts that flying drone close to aircraft was a nasty idea, check out this video footage from the University of Dayton Research Institute, who not long ago carried out a test to observe simply how much harm a drone might do to a plane wing at even a comparatively slow […]

Seattle Floating Home

Located in Lake Union in the center of Seattle, sits this gorgeous fashionable contemporary floating house made by Vandeventer + Carlander Architects. Constructed on concrete floats, the home offers two levels with the dwelling areas situated on the top floor, benefiting from the sight, while sleeping rooms are on the lower float level, with huge […]

Jacobs Ladder Gronk Edition Step Machine

Jacobs Ladder collaborated with Gronk Fitness to create the premium fitness machine to suit all your workout needs. Jacobs Ladder Gronk Edition Step Machine features ladder-type rungs on its non-motorized treadmill. Since it doesn’t use any motor to move, it will be based on your motion that means it is self-paced and it goes faster as you […]

Boston Dyanamics Atlas Robot Doing Parkour Running Jumping Over Obstacles

Boston Dynamics has covertly dropped a brand new video, this time unveiling the Atlas robot’s newly found ability to clear hurdles and hop like a parkour pro. The combination of actual computer vision together with a control program, that regulates legs, arms as well as torso, promises Atlas as the most physically extraordinary robots ever […]

BlancWorld’s Warmest Shirt

The company Blanc is set out to create the warmest shirt on earth that you can adjust to suit your needs! One primary obstacle is how to keep warm but in addition to not overheat or even sweat. Many people layer up to keep warm, however, find themselves getting too hot. While relaxing or starting […]

Purtrek – A Telescoping Trekking Pole that Purifies Water

Created by Utah-based businessman Kyle Stringham, the 17-oz ( 482-g ) PurTrek is utilized as a normal ol’ telescoping trekking pole when its owner is on the go. However, when you stop to hydrate at a river or stream, you can simply stick the pole’s carbide end under the water, after that release and pull-up […]

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