Amazing! Watch the Boston Dynamics ATLAS Humanoid Robot Do a Backflip

Boston Dynamics’ laboratory shared a brief footage of their ATLAS humanoid robot doing a crazy stunt: the highly skilled humanoid can now do backflips! The robot can walk and carry heavy objects, but this is the first time it did an amazing trick. The developers are upgrading its abilities, and we’ll expect more to come. […]

Morpher Folding Cycling Helmet – Folds to Only 2.5 inches Thick for Easy Carry

The Morpher Folding Cycling Helmet can collapse into a reasonably flat heap for easy storage. The helmet can compact into a rig just 2.5 inches thick, which makes it easy to get into a bag, messenger, or any bag you’re taking for the day. That is correct; this headgear collapses to only 2.5 inches thick, […]

Bose Sleepbuds – Earbuds to Help You Sleep

Similar to earplugs, the Bose Sleepbuds lets you tune out surrounding sound, to help you catch peaceful sleep irrespective of how much distractions rings out in your environment. Unlike them, the item will positively help you sleep by enjoying calming sounds created to help you secure a good night’s sleep. Intended to drown out the […]

Zunum Aero Hybrid Electric Plane Will Radically Change Commuter Air Travel

The Zunum Aero is a hybrid electric plane which depends entirely on electrical mechanisms for the actual propulsion, much like many electric jet models. It is equipped with an engine that produces extra power to supply to the battery, making sure the engines can get sufficient juice to take the airplane to its planned location. […]

Pocket Wipebook Pro Reusable Whiteboard Notebook For Wherever You Go

Pocket Wipebook Pro is created as an option for extravagant pocket notebooks. The notepad has a compact size that should quickly fit in your pocket. Meaning, you can now bring the same notebook day in and day out, given you’re ready to erase some pages from time to time. The Pocket Wipebook Pro is only […]

BioLite SolarHome 620 – Set Up Solar Powered Lights to Any Camper or Tent

BioLite SolarHome 620 is designed for vehicles, canopies, tents, or storage sheds. It is a multi-function kit that brings together all you need to produce power from the sunlight and use that power to keep your nights adequately lighted. Regardless of whether you’re in a truck at a campground, a tent at the foothills, or […]

Chappet Speaker Gives Any Stuffed Animal or Doll a Voice

Chappet is a button-shaped speaker that provides any toy doll it’s voice. Designed to appear like a lovely yellow press button, the speaker will look good when linked to any stuffed toy, since it seems like just a typical element of the doll’s clothing. Whether it is a puppy, dragon, teddy bear, or even a […]

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