Yeti Panga Waterproof Duffel – Fully Submersible

  The Yeti Panga Submersible Duffel is an entirely waterproof bag made for getting immersed and dunked while staying 100% dry inside, preserving your items protected. Designed with exclusive, ultra-tough materials and a thick EVA carved foundation, the durable duffle bag offers detachable backpack ties, mesh interior storage compartments, and air and water-tight Hydrolok zip in […]

Bose Soundsport Free Wireless Earbuds – Water Resistant and App Helps You Locate It When Misplaced

The SoundSport Free is the company’s very first set of wireless earbuds. They are fundamentally an entirely wire-free form of SoundSport Wireless Sport headphones by Bose. The lightweight, magnetically closing charging case appears a lot like the AirPods’s charging case, as well, except black. The SoundSport Free wireless headsets cost a lot more than AirPods, yet […]

Nuada Hand Strength Enhancing Glove

Nuada can offer support in hand gripping, pushing, lifting, and pulling power for those who have dropped some or most of theirs, or for those who just want efficiency enhancement without exhaustion and pressure at work or even during athletic activities. This is a potentially life-changing element of technology. In case the Nuada displays consistent with […]

Bose Soundwear Companion Wearable Speaker

You can put the speaker around your neck, to help you to listen to songs while still hearing every little thing in your surroundings. In contrast to conventional speakers, though, almost all soundwaves are blared straight to your ears, with the folks surrounding you hearing little of whatever you are listening. At least, that’s the concept. Based […]

Frontrow Wearable Camera – The Best Design We’ve Seen

Like related wearable camera devices, the gadget mounts on a lanyard for keeping around your neck and capturing everything you come across during the day. Unlike the other, it doesn’t look strange or obtrusive. Apart from the lanyard, it also features a magnetic clip that you may use to clip it on clothes, set it down on a […]

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