Cleanty UV Sanitizer – World’s Smallest & Most Powerful

Sized like a little bag of candy, the device can fit comfortably in any pocket, letting you carry a UV sterilizer within quick reach all the time. Regardless of whether you’re making use of a public toilet, resting in a sketchy inn, or simply want your chosen espadrilles to stench a whole lot less, this […]

McLaren Invincible Shield Body Armor Gives You a Another Ribcage

Produced by McLaren Applied Technologies, the wearable shield is for an individual customer who requested something that will guard the torso after going through surgery. It functions as a second rib cage over the rib cage so that your vital internal organs are protected from any form of impact. The McLaren Invincible Shield makes use […]

miniFumpa Electric Bike Tire Pump That So Small You Can Fit In Your Pocket

  The miniFumpa is a compact model of the brand’s typical electric pump, which utilizes a trademarked compressor that feeds in the encircling air at high speeds and inserts it into your wheels. It performs the same way as the original, with one restriction: it only operates with Presta valves (the ones usually found on […]

Wahoo Kickr Climb Inclines And Declines To Your Indoor Cycling Simulation

Made to replace the front wheel of your bicycle, the tool will lift and bring down the bike’s driving angle to mimic both inclines and declines, helping to make your indoor riding workouts feel much more like riding on the highway. Regardless of whether you want a more unforgettable experience when making use of cycling […]

Halo Security Camera – Disguises Itself as a Ceiling Light

Halo Security Camera operates like any of the existing types of smart security cameras, getting a consistent watch on your property and using programs to recognize any activity occurring within its field of view. The Halo isn’t made to appear like a camera, letting it merge more effortlessly with the rest of your house. For sale […]

Star Wars 3D MegaLamps

Star Wars mega fan, you must have the Star Wars 3D mega lamps. There are 7 to pick from. Select from Death Star, Darth Vader, Tie Fighter, R2-D2, Storm Trooper, Millennium Falcon, or BB-8 MegaLamps, and acquire any one of these for 49% off retail price for a limited time. A flat item of acrylic […]

LIFX Tile Kit Uses Smart Light Bulbs To Create Custom and Personal Wall Art

LIFX Tile Kit is a collection of 5 tile-shaped lighting devices made to be installed on walls; the system lets you beautify any room in your home with unique decorative light displays. It is like getting an abstract portrait on your wall surface, except rather than paint, it makes use of light to produce designs […]

Tepui SkyCamp – Set Up Rooftop Tents Without a Car

Tepui SkyCamp is a framework designed to keep one tent on top. It allows you to install a rooftop tent without a vehicle around. It is perfect if you want to install a shelter in the yard for “glamping” with the children or perhaps, you are a vineyard operator who wants to build an inexpensive […]

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