Hopii Countertop Beer Brewer

HoPii Countertop Beer Brewer is a device that will make your home brewing system easy and fast. It allows you to directly put all the ingredients in the chamber, pick the recipe and wait for a few days for it to alert you to serve your beer. The Home Brewing device wants to simplify the […]

Air Fryer by Cozyna

If you love fries but hate oil, you must check out Air Fryer by Cozyna. It provides you your favorite fries while using less oil. It makes use of the airfryer technology which is probably the healthiest alternative to oil frying. It uses about 70% less oil compared to traditional frying method. You can also cook other food other […]

Rezvani Tank – The Most Badass SUV Ever

The Rezvani Tank is made from a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited chassis, meaning it can handle any rough terrain. The solid front and rear axles along with its 4-wheel drive can defeat any off-road hurdles which you can also upgrade to their “Extreme” package. The upgrade gives you a much-needed boost of 13.5-inch thick tires, 6-inch […]

Google Clips Camera Uses Artificial Intelligence to Take Photos on its Own

Google Clips is a small camera that automatically shoots and captures video clips for you anytime and anywhere. The camera may also be programmed to automatically start and stop recording which lets you capture a spontaneous moment that a mobile camera or DSLR will not be able to provide. The device doesn’t just randomly capture […]

Quiet Punch – Portable Boxing Gym For Any Doorway

If you are a health enthusiast or someone who wants to start a healthy routine at home or in the office, you might be interested with Quiet Punch. It’s portable gym equipment which you can use to practice your hooks, jabs, crosses, and uppercuts without installing a cumbersome heavy bag. You no longer need to […]

Sonos One Speaker Now Comes With Amazon Alexa Assistant

The Sonos One features similar sound style as the Play:1 for you to enjoy a high-quality audio experience. It promises a much better quality than the existing speakers with smart “assistants” in the market today. The manufacturers preferred using as its intelligent assistant than creating their own. Meaning, you can use Alexa voice control to […]

Luuup Litter Box – Clean Your Cat Litter In Seconds

The Luuup team guarantees that its “ingenious 3-sifting-tray litter product is the best and cleanest litter box ever created. Additionally, it may be the last litter box you will have to purchase. Currently, 2 million units of the first Luuup litter box have been sold, but the revamped model guarantees to be even better. Its […]

PURGGO Car Air Freshener All Natural Bamboo Lasts Over a Year

PURGGO Car Air Freshener is not a spray, a gel or a scent-Bomb. It purely freshens the air without using fragrance, chemicals, and plastic substance. It features bamboo charcoal that easily absorbs odor. It works the whole day passively absorbing odor inside your car. Bamboo Charcoal is porous and works like a huge sponge – […]

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