Apple iPhone X Bezel-Free Screen

There’s a brand new iPhone and people are going crazy as usual. But in contrast to a normal-sized iPhone and a plus-sized iPhone we hear of each year, now we have a 3rd model: the iPhone X. it is a total reinvention of Apple’s revolutionary smartphone. Indeed the first full upgrade of the iPhone since […]

Polaroid Originals OneStep 2 Instant Print Camera

A sequel to the Polaroid OneStep from 1977, the camera has the well-known appearance of its earlier model, yet in a modest contemporary style. From the cream shade of the casing and the large red shutter key to the excellent shape along with the rainbow stripe in the front, it adopted the same personality, although […]

Freitag Zippelin Duffle Bag With Inflatable Frame

Created from reprocessed truck tarps, the bag carries the original images and designs of its past life, offering the bag a distinctive look that’s less likely to appear like something else at the baggage claim. The Freitag Zippelin is an 85-liter journey bag that seems like a combination between a duffel bag and a rolling […]

Cinera Personal Movie Theater Viewer Without Wearing a Heavy Headset

The immersive, intimate theater headset allows you to experience watching on a massive screen comparable to those on movie cinemas without needing to move away from the couch or have a real home theater set up in your house. You will be enjoying movies in a resolution 3 times clearer compared to those in movie […]

Long-distance Delfast eBike – 230 Mile Range on One Charge

For many who like to use their bicycles on outdoor trips outside of the city, a short-range eBike is not enough. To be able to take people even farther, the DelFast eiBke offers an optimum range of about 200 miles. To be more specific, the DelFast eBike can reach a 236 mile range and is […]

Giant Inflatable Soccer Dartboard With Velcro Soccer Balls

This massive inflatable soccer dartboard is perfect for an outdoor kids birthday party, but it will hold kids and their parents’ interest for a lot longer.  Install as a penalty kick-like game on the soccer serving side, and an enormous, 18′ segmented scoreboard on the darts receiving side, this yard party activity is all the celebration […]

Mercedes-AMG Project One Hypecar

A small 1.6-L single-turbo V6 – that is the engine that energizes Mercedes-AMG’s Project One hypercar. This little engine can drive this thing hard enough to face the Bugatti Chiron when it comes to sheer speed and power. The vehicle can run from 0 to 60 in only 2.6 secs while reaching a speed at […]

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