Tree Hugger Gear Supply Cache

The tree hugger functions as a device belt that wraps around trees, letting you have a convenient spot to hang a lantern, protect your food supply, as well as stow away most of your items. The Tree Hugger Gear & Supply Cache folds into the size of a little bag that is about 16.5 x 7 […]

Steer Wearable Driving Aid

Steer Wearable Driving Aid is a wearable tool that snaps down on your arm to keep tabs on your sleepiness level, which enables it to identify whenever you are susceptible to falling asleep while driving. When it does, it tries to bring you back to alertness by transmitting an electric shock, basically turning into an alarm of […]

Plus Winter Smart-heated Insole

The +Winter transforms the simple heated insole towards into a motion-tracking, app-controlled rig. They infused the heated insole with a bit of more technology than normal, offering a more complex feature than what you historically find in winter gear. They are not entirely life-changing features, but they do seem like nice things to have. For […]

Chameleon Backpack Camping Chair

Like any backpack, you may use the Chameleon to bear all your equipment when trekking, backpacking, and otherwise journeying the backcountry. In contrast to them, the Chameleon Backpack can untuck into a perfect camping chair that you may use to relax your legs when things become a bit exhausting in the wild. The Chameleon basically […]

Elite Innovations X1 Everest Clear Pool Table

Sliced in glass and metal, the Elite Innovations X1 Everest Pool Table delivers a totally new depth to your cue ball, whether you are equipping the game room in your house or setting up gaming equipment at a deluxe club. The X1 Everest Pool Table integrates an all-metal structure with an all-glass frame, with glass […]

Nerf Modulus Tri-strike Blaster

The Nerf Modulus Tri-Strike offers its extremely versatile appointments which allows it to pepper your enemies with 3 kinds of foam ammunition. A modular blaster, the model actually features 3 blasters: the one that shoots Elite darts, one more which shoots MEGA darts, and a 3rd one that shoots MEGA Missile ammo. Every one can […]

Bloqbag Backpack Modular Backpack

  Making use of various columns of connectors on the front side of the bag, the Bloqbag Backpack Modular Backpack may take various different pouches that you just clip on and off. The connector style are spaced equally in both rows and columns all through the whole front area of the bag, letting you really […]

7-Inch GPD Pocket Windows Mini-Laptop

The 7-Inch GPD Pocket Windows Mini-Laptop combines a 7-inch touchscreen display and a fairly large keyboard with the whole Windows 10 design. It lets you use all your preferred PC apps without needing to bring a full-sized laptop. The GPD Pocket is driven by an Intel HD graphics, 1.6GHz quadcore Intel Atom x7-X8750, and 8GB […]

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