Luke Skywalkers Landspeeder

  Radio Flyer created a ride-on model of the X-34 Landspeeder from the classic Star Wars film, so boys and girls can ride around the area like a Jedi Master. Primarily, it is a toy that satisfies the dream of every kid who saw Star Wars back in the old days. Unlike the non-realistic vehicle […]

Helmfon Noise Cancelling Helmet

The Helmfon is a prototype for a dynamic sound-cancelling device. Formed and worn just like a motorcycle helmet, the Helmfon’s walls are created to totally reflect outside sound waves so the user can work without disturbance from outside sound. Likewise, the Helmfon obstructs any sounds produced inside it – songs, films, conversations, etc. In addition to […]

Eruption Disruption Volcano Microwave Cleaner

The Eruption Disruption Volcano is a microwave cleaner that washes away the crud inside the microwave with a basic combination of vinegar and water. The Eruption Disruption erupts like a real vulcano and gurgles for a 7-minute stay in the microwave compartment. The vinegar-laced steam softens particles and caky spills during this time, which makes […]

Airvada Diodon Inflatable Drone

Airvada Diodon Inflatable Drone features inflatable arms. This makes it a lot easier for transport and also allows it to securely land on water, as the air filled arms are buoyant. The blow-up arms can collapse when not being used, letting you transfer it to a small container, rather than needing a big backpack. Additionally, […]

Casusgrill Biodegradable Instant Bbq

The CasusGrill is a single use biodegradable grill that features 100% natural elements like a cardboard box padded with natural lava stone, a bamboo rack, and unique charcoal briquettes that are from bamboo. It won’t cook enough food for a big event, but it is all set to use in about 5 minutes and boasts […]

12 Best Standing Desks

Sitting all day long is usually a bad choice, and standing desks can provide you with the adaptability to maneuver and makes you a little freer to secure that task that most of us need, standing desk or not. Nevertheless, some standing desks are better compared to others—they are more customizable, less expensive, easily adaptable, […]

Amazon’s Dash Wand

Same as the first two models, the Amazon Dash Wand features a barcode scanning device, so you can easily scan empty packages to put a new one on the order list, together with a built-in mic for quickly reciting your orders. In contrast to it, however, the new device includes an incorporated speaker, together with […]

LG Levitating Bluetooth Speaker – Automatically Docks To ReCharge

The floating Bluetooth speaker LG PJ9 will satisfy your mag-lev craving and stream your melodies with equal aplomb. It is, nevertheless, the first to emerge from a huge home entertainment electronics company, making it possibly the first item in the category to be going for the mass market. The LG PJ9 includes a speaker unit […]

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