Creature Craft Whitewater Raft Designed to Never Capsize

  The Creature Craft whitewater raft is designed to never capsize. It features a trademarked roll cage layout that allows the vessel to sit on its side rather than turning over entirely, letting you conveniently move it into an erect position. As outlined by the manufacture, it can also be done with every person left […]

Tertill Solar-powered Weeding Robot

Tertill is a robot whose sole objective is to track down weeds and pluck it out. As soon as it is let loose in your yard, it will move around the entire property every day, weeding out any unwanted plants it runs into in the process. Basically, it’s a Garden Roomba! The Tertill doesn’t understand […]

Samsung’s Ultrawide 49-Inch Curved Monitor

Curved screens might not be the most perfect either for TVs or workplace displays. However, in regards to video gaming, you can’t dispute the benefits of a wide and curved screen, as it surrounds the person with an unforgettable view of the action. So far as curved displays for gamers go, it just might be […]

NASA Mars Rover Concept

NASA shows off a concept for a polished, ultramodern Mars Rover. It offers a gleaming black body and massive wheels. The truth is, it appears so much like the Batmobile or like any toy vehicle that you might have witnessed in the 80’s sci-fi movies. The concept Rover is meant for human inhabitants and it […]

Trailnest Rooftop Hammock Stand

TrailNest’s Roof Top Hammock Stand lets you unwind on a suspended crib right above your car. Bearing a couple of arms that fit into your vehicle’s roofing rack, the rig allows you to instantly include a convenient spot to to fix your hammock. The stand folds down and combines with the rack to help you […]

Giant Shoeboxes Are The Coolest Way To Stash All Your Shoes

The Sole Shoe Boxes is a huge storage box for your shoes or boots. Rather than coming as a simple plain box, though, each one of these comes printed with the trademarks and signature hues of different footwear companies and franchises, like Adidas, Nike, and Supreme. Each Sole Shoe Box features a flip-up lid that […]

Underground Beer Cooler Biersafe

Biersafe is an underground beer bunker that utilizes a plastic tube outer surface and top with a built-in beverage rack to keep to 16 beers in the protective and refrigerated chilling of the ground, which also offers you improved electricity savings from storing them in the refrigerator. You need to excavate a hole in the […]

Handheld Underwater Jetpack

Sublue has designed an underwater gadget that moves you through the water in an exciting, easy, and in the coolest way possible. It is built with double propellers, which guarantees speed and power along with carefully considered safety elements. The gadget is the littlest underwater scooter on the planet, which can simply fit it in a […]

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