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LEGO Compatible Adhesive Tape – Use Any Surface to Build On

The Nimuno Loops started a crowdfunding campaign at Indiegogo for a new product that will take LEGO to any stretch of your imagination. This LEGO Compatible Adhesive Tape is a unique and original adhesive tape that will allow you to use any surface as your squared-off bricks toy’s building base. You can build LEGO anywhere […]

Hypar Folding Kayak

Outdoor activities like kayaking, rowing and sailing ar great techniques to stay fit and to explore your surroundings. On the other hand, not all of us have enough resources to afford all three aquatic vessels. Fortunately, earlier this year at the Dusseldorf Boat Show, Hypar Folding Kayak made its first appearance. It is a smart […]

The North Face Apex Flex GTX – Waterproof Softshell Jacket

North Face unveiled the Apex Flex GTX, the first ever soft shell rain jacket that is completely waterproof. This ultra-soft jacket took a long time in the making with years of research, improvements, and testing in the field to achieve the final product. It features the comforts of softshell, as well as comfy stretch knit […]

Shipping Container Tissue Box Cover

The Cargo Container tissue box by InfPass is a cool tissue dispenser imitating a shipping container. This little model is made up of iron, just like the real thing. If you had enough of those lame tissue boxes with no personality, perhaps it is time to own this dispenser shaped in quirky design.  Available in […]

Samsung’s New Frame TV

The newest television from Samsung is focused primarily on design, unveiling its latest Lifestyle TV category with The Frame. This Samsung TV is nothing like the conventional TVs that becomes a black box when turned off. Instead, it turns into a digital frame with high-res picture. It turns into a digital art piece with the […]

Bugatti Niniette 66 Yacht

In 1930’s, Ettor Bugatti the company founder of Bugatti requested his engineers to build a yacht, which is something unusual and different. The yacht became so personal to him that he gave it a name after his youngest daughter’s name, Niniette. After 87 years, Palmer Johnson a boat builder is crafting a brand new vessel […]

Minitaur Robot of Ghost Robotics Can Climb Fences and Open Doors

Ghost Minitaur, an exceptional and frightening robot, is a small and nimble creation developed by Ghost Robotics. A video released by the company capturing Ghost Minitaur while it explores outdoors by jumping, climbing and flipping over and through challenging environments with ease. I don’t think something short of a blast from bazooka can stop it. […]

Hushme: A Bane-Like Voice Mask to Keep Phone Calls Private

Hushme is a voice mask that allows you to take phone calls privately in public places or anywhere. Its form resembles Bane’s Mask from the movie The Dark Knight Rises. Hushme is a device worn on your face that covers your mouth and conceal the sound of your voice with either a customized or selected […]

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