Zelda Home Automation System

Youtuber Sufficiently Advanced demonstrates his Raspberry-Pi driven home automation system. It executes different chores when it hears the associated ocarina tune from Ocarina Of Time. When he plays Zelda’s Lullaby, the front door unlocks, when he plays the Bolero Of Fire, it turns on the heater, and when he plays the Sun’s Song, it turns […]

Endless Runway Circular Airport

In traditional Airports, they take into account the strength, speed and direction of the wind when the aircraft lands and takeoffs. It will limit their capacity which leads to airport delay status. The Endless Runway Circular Airport is a new airport concept, featuring a 3.5 km circular track. It allows planes to always operate at […]

The Pouncer Edible Drone

Pouncer the edible drone is designed to provide aid to disaster zones all over the world, may it be to those areas affected by natural disasters or those afflicted with an epidemic. The UAV concept features a huge nine-foot wingspan, big enough to serve as a temporary shelter for disaster victims who lost their homes. Its frame […]

Naturezap Weed Killer

If you have dogs, children or grandchildren who love playing in the backyard, you are probably hesitant to apply chemical-based weed killers. Fortunately, the NatureZap line of weed-killing wands removes weeds without the use of hazardous chemicals. NatureZap makes use of a mixed spectrum light to execute grass roots and leaves harmlessly. Just grab, aim […]

Air Opus Inflating Camper

Setting up a camper is a major hassle and taking it down isn’t considerably better. Fortunately, the Air Opus Inflating Camper sets up fast and easy without having to string through huge standard poles. It features infused Air Poles that pump up and tighten via an electric pump motor inside the box. About 90 seconds […]

NASA Engineer Makes Motion-Tracking Dartboard to Always Get a Bullseye

Mark Rober, a former NASA engineer, released a video featuring a motion-tracking dartboard. What makes it impressive? It allows you to hit the bullseye every time! It took him over three years to create this custom moving dartboard. The six-camera Vicon motion capture system tracks the specially-built thrown dart in the air. Once the board […]

Colorado XT Inflatable Pontoon Boat Folds Up Into Portable Bag

If you enjoy going to the lake or river for fishing, you have to consider the Colorado XT Pontoon Boat. Showcasing two 9 foot pontoons and an incredible 400-pound capacity – this inflatable boat is the perfect single person watercraft. It features spring-loaded valves that can take a multitude of pumps for quick inflation, while […]

The Sobro Coffee Table Cooler

Sobro Coffee Table Cooler is a coffee table designed with a built-in fridge drawer and a tempered glass top. Made by the same team who created the pancake maker robot, PancakeBot. There’s no need to get up and snatch your refreshments in the kitchen because drinking your much loved cold beverage while relaxing and watching […]

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