Top 10 Best American Made Work Boots For Men

For various jobs, the significance of work boots can never be underestimated. The appropriate pair can do more than merely protect your toes. Select carefully and they can also take care of you from slippery areas, exposed nails, harsh temperatures, and even electric charges. There’s also the little matter of ease and comfort to take […]

10 Best EDC Pocket Tools

Along with a pen, a knife, a flashlight, a wallet, and your much-loved keychain tool, a practical everyday carry system should also incorporate some kind of pocket tool. When picking a pocket tool for your own EDC, the best choice is to select one that not only consumes as little pocket real estate as it […]

The Energy Observer Boat – Can Operate for 6 Years on Only Wind, Solar, and Hydrogen

The adventurous-spirited Jérôme Delafosse and Victorien Erussard are ready to board a 6-year experimental journey with the “Energy Observer.” Energy Observer is a self-powering and eco-friendly vessel that is known as one of the most futuristic boats in the world. This boat generates energy onboard from its built-in solar panel, hydrogen fuel system, and wind […]

The Hoverbike Scorpion – Ridable Drone

Hoversurf started a crowdfunding project that is almost as impressive as the hoverboard, the Hoverbike Scorpion-3. The Scorpion drone is controlled directly by a human pilot to rediscover the industrial art of hovering and flying. It combines a quadcopter and a motorcycle seat; this unique electric-powered vessel brings flight stability and speed to the hands […]

The Growroom from Ikea’s Space10

People living in the city recognize the benefits of urban gardening. Ikea and Space 10 lab’s newest project, The Growroom, is an urban garden sphere-shaped pavilion that enables city dwellers to grow their food locally in a sustainable and beautiful manner. It is intended for a sustainable neighborhood garden, measuring 2.8 x 2.5 meter, it has […]

The Key Safe

Want to keep cash or other small items safe and handy? This Key safe is exactly what you’ve been looking for. Essentially, this is a carry-all mini vault, when you are touring around and you want to travel light. Key Safe is a convenient way to store your belongings safe and easily attaches to your […]

The Kramstein Metal Stein

The best way to drink beer is straight through a stein. Kramstein Metal Stein is an innovative way to keep your hands warm away from cold drinks. Designed with a unique glass insert to hold your drinks and a separate hard metal alloy coated with a durable finish. Features include a system ionomer centered between […]

The Atmoph Window

Waking up with beautiful scenery like the rolling waves of the ocean of Hawaii is one the best views to start your day. Atmoph Window is a digital window that has 4K- videos, high-quality sounds, and displays views of your favorite places on earth. Put it anywhere, and you can go anywhere. Create a therapeutic […]

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