Kaffee Flaming Fireplace Coffee Table

If you find the sight of an indoor fire to be just the kind of comfort you require after a hectic day, the Kaffee Flaming Fireplace Coffee Table will be the perfect piece of furniture for you. bioethanol-burning coffee furniture, Kaffee is a “no fuss” substitute that provides you with all the heat and mesmerizing goodness […]

Gripforce Retractable Cleat Ice Boots

Gripforce Retractable Cleat Ice Boots tuck their ice spikes inside of each boot’s sole. With an easy switch that spins back and forth the boots will discharge/holster the teeth. Instead of releasing sets of studs whenever you turn the switch similar to the Meindls, Gripforce technology just opens the holes to their cleats’ crates. So […]

Slicer All Season Sled

The Slicer All-Season Sled operates exactly like a typical sled on snow, you use it on grass! Rather than putting the sled on a slick icy area, a slippery frozen layer is placed on the base of the sled. Every single SLICER sled includes 2 specific molds, known as ICERS, that are utilized to freeze […]

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