Anti Snore Wearable

The Anti Snore Wearable is a great invention to solve problems of snoring. According to a study, people who sleep on their back have 70% chance of snoring. So, the Anti Snore’s job will be to let the snorer turn to their side. Once this happens, the snorer’s airway will open and stop snoring. Anti […]

The Ultra-lightweight Titanium Camping Cutlery

 In camping, Ultra-lightweight Titanium Camping Cutlery is a good friend that will stand by you, especially when you’re struggling to prepare your meal because you forgot your knife. (Or in case when you don’t want to eat with your bare hands) This is one simple tool to ease your outdoor activities and adventures. Ultra-lightweight Titanium […]

Lego Chevrolet Batmobile

So, it’s official, Batman is a Chevy guy. Lego Batman is one of the fan-favorite characters from The Lego Movie. To promote the upcoming movie, Lego in partnership with Chevrolet unveiled its Lego Batmobile. Lego Chevy Batmobile is 17 feet long from back to front, 9.25 feet wide and 6.92 feet tall and featuring exclusive […]

SPYNDI Transformational Furniture

The SPYNDI Transformational Furniture is a human spine inspired innovation. Unlike any other furniture, SPYNDI transforms into different shapes or whatever structures you have in mind. There are limitless possibilities of combination you could have for a furniture. Something new to use or display at home or in the office. This furniture set consists of […]

Cocoon Urban Adventure Messenger Bag

  A bag that is perfect for an active lifestyle and the tech savvy. Urban Adventure Messenger Bag features a built-in Grid-IT organizer, a great way to help you organize all your cables, chargers, flash drives, headphones, knives, flashlights, and other everyday carry essentials without having to toss them in some random pocket or in […]

ONAK Folding Canoe

Using an ONAK Folding Canoe takes your canoeing experience to the next level. Made with origami-like design, ONAK Canoe is extremely durable and convenient to use. Perfect for your wild outdoor explorations and adventures. ONAK Folding Canoe lets you have a ready to go canoe anytime. The wheels and foldable design make it handy to […]

Retro-looking Jeep Shortcut

The Jeep Shortcut features a retro look and is based on a shortened version of iconic Wrangler platform. Boasting its modest improvements and modern performance both on the streets and off-road trails. Aside from its retro look, the first thing you’ll notice on the exterior is the distinctive front grille and the chrome rear bumpers. […]

Range Rover Evolution

  The Range Rover has come a long way since it started. At the top of the Land Rover lineup, Range Rover begins humbly and has accomplished vast growth since its creation. Representing both utility and class, Range Rover offers an exceptional go-anywhere, Land Rover. Over the decade, Range Rover worked its way to produced […]

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