Digitsole Smart Shoes

If you have always wanted a self-tightening footwear, the waiting game is finally over. Digitsole Smart Shoes has an automatic tightening installed system that can be operated by voice control or through smartphones. The smart technology of the shoes provides a central heating and shock-absorption measuring system on the go. Featuring smart technology that allows […]

The Hamilton Travel Cocktail Set

You’re not going to miss your favorite cocktails while on travel. The Hamilton Travel Cocktail Set is super portable to bring anywhere with you. And so, crafting your cocktail drinks is all too easy. Hamilton Travel Cocktail Set is literally a suitcase for your booze that measures 14″ x 10-1/2″ x 10-1/4″. This set composed […]

Icaros Workout Machine with VR

Icaros Full-Body Workout Machine is a fitness machine with Virtual Reality action. It combines a fitness device and gaming controller together that will make you feel like you are flying through the sky while having a great workout at the same time. Users can choose their flight path depending on their physical abilities. Icaros aims […]

Campfire Defender

Campfire Defender will safely restrain your flaming embers overnight or in the course of a trek with covered glass fiber substance that doesn’t catch fire until 3000 degrees Fahrenheit, and stays cool to the touch on the outside. It can easily handle the burn rate of the hot coals; the pinwheel vent embossed in its […]

Skatecycle Hubless Skateboard

Skatecycle ultimately allows recreation ride enthusiasts to drive a self-propelling and hubless skateboard. This kind of skateboard runs flawlessly on flat sidewalks and skate parks. It comes with two 9-inch wheels to boost power and efficiency, to pass through any objects along the way. Being extremely lightweight of about 7.3 lbs, this skateboard comes handy […]

SpaceB Levitating Light Bulb Lamp

Defy Gravity with the SpaceB Levitating Light Bulb Lamp. It feels like magic the first time you turn it on but actually the magic is in the base in a form of a book.  Though it’s not really magic, this product was designed with amazing details in mind.  The Levitating Light Bulb Lamp utilizes electromagnets […]

The FNDN Heated Scarf

This Detroit-made heating wearable, FNDN Heated Scarf is the reliable counterpart in harsh cold weather. High-tech functionality that complements with a good sense of style wherein any man or woman can take advantage of. FNDN Heated Scarf is composed of 100% micro-fleece material that was recognized as light, strong and weather resistant. Under the heated […]

ARC-NRG PushUp Machine

The ARC-NRG PushUp operates over five distinct muscle groups simultaneously – the same as a normal pushup. The significant difference here is that ideal pushup manner, full repetitions, and full sets are obtainable to a more wide variety of users since the machine permits you to choose the exact volume of your body weight you […]

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