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Heelight Smart Bulb That Dynamically Reacts to Sound It Hears

Heelight is the most practical light bulb on the planet, listening to its surroundings with digital sound management. You can modify the color and luminosity of the light by Bluetooth or even Wi-Fi. It features 16 million RGB color styles all of which will be modified to your preference. Heelight can show a full range […]

Starkboard Handsfree Smart Electric Skateboard – Control It Like A Segway

Battery driven skateboards have grown like wildfire in the past couple of years. Visit any major metro town and you’ll see more than a handful of people traveling to work on them, or simply savoring a day out in by the city parks. The disadvantage? Most of these boards need a remote control to work. […]

Razor RSF350 Electric Bike Built Especially For Kids

The Razor RSF350 Electric Bike is an underpowered and kid-sized motorbike created for ages 13 and up. It appears and feels like a true motorcycle, while going even slower as compared to most electric skateboards, making sure it will lead to a ride that’s both enjoyable and secure for your children. To put it simply, […]

Teleavia Retro TV Concept For Tired and Boring TV Rectangles

Influenced by the vintage Teleavia P111 tube set produced by Citroën DS developer Flaminio Bertoni, this offers a new look to a standard rectangular television. Teleavia Retro TV Concept is a dream come true for everyone fed up with attaching dull rectangles on their walls. The curvy style stretches past the white outer surface to […]

What Every Star Trek Nerd Needs: A Borg Cube Gaming PC

The Borg VR Cube Personal computer will make for a striking visual appeal whether or not it’s installed. It appears like an impossibly-complex and enormous circuit board with a wireframe system over it. Similar to other gaming pc systems, the features, obviously, can be personalized. At the high end, you will get a 4.2GHz 7th-gen […]

Belay – Transparent Peelable Paint To Protect Your Furniture

Labeled as “peelable paint,” the finishing coat can be used to various furniture and accessories in your home, giving them a defensive cover to intercept any abrasive contact. Rather than that costly dining table acquiring tiny dings as time passes, all of that goes toward the covering instead. Once the coating has already been too […]

Circa Smart Alarm Clock – High Tech Upgrade for Better Sleep

The Circa appears like any contemporary alarm with built-in speaker. Like the one with a flowery full-color touchscreen display screen, music streaming, and also connectivity features. Except, it goes much deeper than that, merging sleep aid and tracking functionality, in addition to the standard timekeeping and tune playback obligations. Circa can work as a standalone, […]

2018 Jeep Wrangler Blends Timeless Design With Tech Innovation

The 2018 Jeep Wrangler will provide advanced improvements while keeping the familiar components that continue to help it become the most easily-recognized automobiles on the planet. Outside, it delivers the same well-known silhouette that harkens to the timeless Willys Jeeps of World War II, including the slotted grille, round headlamps, and small wheelbase on a […]

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