POMO WAFFLE GPS Smartwatch for Kids

POMO WAFFLE GPS Smartwatch is the original GPS smartwatch that can help children understand accountability, convey ideas, and build a healthy self-reliance. This watch is made to be their small guide, always around to entertain, assist, and always keep the kid safe and sound. It will help the youngster learn what time it is through […]

ButcherBox Premium Meat Delivery

ButcherBox Premium Meat Delivery is a once a month subscription program that supplies 100% grass-fed finished meat from little, family-run farmlands to your empty-bellied, carnivorous stomach. By way of your doorway. Choose one pack of Steak and Pork, Chicken and Pork, or Chops, Steak, and Chicken or signup for a reduced 1-month registration with a […]

5.11 Operator Axe

The manufacturer 5.11 concentrates on specialized tactical items and add-ons and now they are proud to offer their unique tomahawk. Created by Viking Tactics’ Kyle Lamb, the modern 5.11 Operator Axe is an extremely efficient multi-tool made using SCM 435 stainless with a blacked-out surface. Including the intense bearded tomahawk edge, the axe itself offers […]

Zore X Smart Gun Lock

When kids get a hold of unlocked guns at home can lead to tragedy — with reports saying that children were involved in one shooting every week in 2015. Innovative Indiegogo venture, Zore, wants to help counter that horrible statistic. Zore X Smart Gun Lock is a smart gun lock that enables owners to unlock their […]

Dronegun Drone Countermeasure

Now you can get rid of unauthorized drones flying around your property in an easy way with the DroneShield. The machine offers a risk-free countermeasure against drone units currently available in the market. TheDroneShield makes use technology that disable the drone without damaging it. TheDroneShield boasts 2km of range and can work in any weather condition. The model […]

Torch Wearable Coat Heater

Torch Wearable Coat Heater invites you to get excited and fight this year’s winter season storms through innovation. The torch is made up of a variety of 3 slim, compact heating pads driven by a standard rechargeable 7.4 V, 2600 mAh Lithium Ion power supply. Although nearly hidden beneath the covering of your jacket, the pads’ […]

Tesla Model M Motorcycle

Tesla’s 4-wheeled products have been an enormous success among vehicle lovers, so we can only think about just how crazy fanatics will be when the brand shows a two-wheeled electric-powered vehicle. Self-reliant developer Jans Slapins reveals to us what he believes Elon Musk and his business could develop with uthis Tesla Model M motorcycle concept. The […]

Star Wars Wearable Sleeping Bags

Perfect for camping or any other adventure, the Star Wars Wearable Sleeping Bags are your one true friend in the cold dark night. They are available in Chewbacca, Darth Vader varieties and are graded to 40°F. It features removable booties enabling you to put on your own shoes or have them on for warm slumbering. […]

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