11-Foot Teddy Bear

There is nothing better than seeing the people you cherish open a present they adore, a gift that will make happy moments time and time again. This massive teddy bear is the ideal option for that special person in your life. You can rest easy knowing they’ll always love the 11-Foot Teddy Bear. The makers ensure that […]

Nomad Ultra Rugged Battery Cable

Nomad manufactures an array of revolutionary travel equipment, but their innovative Nomad Ultra Rugged Battery Cable will certainly become an immediate favorite for anyone who spends a significant period of time traveling. All of the cables in the collection are designed and developed to outshine anything else available for purchase. Such cables are so durable they […]

Ridgid Wobbly Work Lamp

If you personally do your own home remodeling tasks or earn a living as a building contractor, you know that the chance of your tools having knocked around is higher. So high, indeed, that it is sure to be anticipated, which is why this latest Ridgid Wobbly Work Lamp is so very smart. The architects […]

Action Blink Qu4tro Electric Longboard

If you have this Action Blink Qu4tro Electric Longboard you will never need to push your foot on the sidewalk again to get rolling. These are probably the most innovative electric skateboards around today, using 4-wheel drive to take you up that hill or down to the park or office in style. Named the QU4TRO, […]

Coldbloodart Paintball Masks

Paintball face masks are somewhat important to the sport, and while you can find a ton of choices to pick from on the market, ColdBloodArt creates the most badass face masks out there. Coldbloodart Paintball Masks will not only protect your face during the game but will also give you character and style. Produced by head […]

Skunklock a Bike Lock that Sprays Vomit

The $120 SKUNKLOCK is a solidified medium-carbon metal U-Lock that is as tough to jeopardize as the most powerful bike locks, and includes a surprise: it is pressurized inside with a harmful chemical deterrent that slams the prospective thief with noxious chemicals. The substances are so unappealing they stimulate vomit in most cases and may force […]

Fisker All Electric Emotion Sports Car

Fisker released their most recent model and it is going to be one hell of a ride if they are able to successfully produce it. The Fisker All Electric Emotion Sports Car features a 400-mile range, a top speed of 161 miles per hour and sufficient leg room in the back to fit almost any […]

The Geek Box Wooden Puzzle

If you’re looking for an excellent gift for a geek, the Geek Box is exactly what you were searching for. The Geek Box Wooden Puzzle is a collection of 6 High-quality wooden puzzles that will demand that you have a substantial dosage of memory, optical perception, and critical thinking abilities to be able to solve […]

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