NLand Surf Park – Mechanically Produced Waves

The very first surfing center of its kind in the United States will open to the people in Austin, Texas. Similar to the Kelly Slater Wave Business, NLand Surf Park generates mechanically produced waves that are perfect every time. The program makes use of Wavegarden modern technology: basically, a mechanized, wedge-like wing that is pulled […]

Levitating Turntable

Introducing the world´s very first levitating turntable! Designed by MAG-LEV Audio, the exceptional device is meant for people who value good quality sound and revolutionary style. The gravity-defying record player aesthetically improves the experience of enjoying vinyl records by making the platter float. The drive mechanism within this turntable is exactly where all the wonder […]

Multi-Threat Shield Bulletproof Briefcase

Force Training Institute designed the Multi-Threat Shield Bulletproof Briefcase which offers security in numerous types – basing its concept around the idea that simply because you go to work doesn’t mean you need to compromise your protection. It is lightweight, functional and inexpensive guaranteed NIJ Level IIIA ballistic shield, that weighs only 8 lbs. On […]

DJI Mavic Drone

For years the common wisdom about mobile phones was that they might just continue becoming smaller and smaller. It appears like we’re in precisely the same instance with drones. As technological innovation has gotten more sophisticated, drones become smaller and easier to handle like DJI Mavic Drone. Don’t allow this little item mislead you. Although […]

Kammock Sunda Tent Hammock

Product manufacturers today are designing products that more attractive to consumers by making it more useful and reliable. For example, a camping tent can now serve more than one purpose. Yes, the squad at Kammok designed the Kammock Sunda Tent Hammock, a modular and adaptable camping tent that works in many various ways. First of all this […]

A7 Fighter Jet by Juan Garcia Mansilla

The Amelia 7 Fighter Jet is derived from WWII appearance and advanced components effortlessly assembled. The outcome is a science-fiction idea that is as famous as it is classic. The A7 Fighter Jet was designed by product developer Juan Garcia Mansilla. As Juan explains it, the venture began after he was curious by the accessories […]

Lowepro Drone Backpacks

Drones are becoming more and more popular and we have seen numerous models, designs, and features that make it more efficient and useful. However, transporting, safeguarding, carrying and storing your brand-new drone and its numerous components might be a problem. Especially if you will bring it on your hiking trip in the woods or a […]

Google Day Dream VR Goggles

With the improved public fascination with virtual reality and the upcoming Christmas season fast approaching, it was only just a few moment before technology mammoth Google joined the party. The company had the advantage of gaining knowledge from the flaws of their would-be competitors and have eventually launched a model of their own. They finally […]

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