goTenna Off-the-Grid Texting

goTenna is a brand new device that offers you the freedom to build your own system of communication without using any satellite or tower from typical carriers. It allows you to even gather other goTenna owners thus allowing you to make your private community and make use of the app that comes with it. You can also use […]

Font and Color Detecting Tool

Spector is a prototype developed by Fiona O’Leary as a student at Royal College of Art. The Spector Font and Color Detecting Tool device captures the font and color of a physical object like the text in the magazine or the color of the wall. The device immediately identifies the font and color then sends […]

Lampuga Boost Electric Surfboard

The Lampuga Boost Electric Surfboard is quiet, efficient, agile, and lightweight because of its carbon fiber framework. It is maintenance free so it is great for keeping on the the yacht or recreational use. The lithium-ion electric batteries also eradicate the need to bring fuel onboard. Branded as the Lampuga Boost, this electric surfboard will […]

Cyclotron Bicycle

We have seen so many types of bicycles but we haven’t seen a model as advanced and futuristic as the Cyclotron Bicycle. Not only futuristic, but it also uses some space-age features that make riding fun and easy. This concept completely throws out 2 key pieces of a bicycle. The creators would like to get […]

Military Energy Gum

Military Energy Gum is a superb and effective product for dealing with problems that have resulted in accidents and fatalities among troops in the field. This energy gum can provide a quick 100 mg of caffeine which is 5 times quicker than pills or coffee. Not only does Energy Gum reduce accidents, but it also increases soldier […]

Gamevice iPhone Controller

The cutting edge Gamevice iPhone Controller is designed to help gamers bring their iPhone to a new level. Intended for iPhone 6/6s, it is a device that you attach on both ends, offering 2 analog joysticks, the triggers on each side, the ABXY fire buttons, and the required D-pad. This also offers a battery that allows […]

Peg Lock Storage System

If you are a person who loves hiking/camping, repairing stuff or if you own different tools and weapons, you surely know how important it is to keep your stuff secured. This Peg Lock Storage system is excellent for keeping your tools and guns. This system allows you to properly store your gear and allows you […]

CoffeeBar Organic Coffee

There are times when we wake up in the morning late for work or school and don’t have enough time to prepare breakfast or drink our coffee. Fortunately, CoffeeBars with all natural ingredients can help you get the right nourishment to start the day right. The CoffeeBar is a USA-made gluten-free energy bar filled with a full cup of […]

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