Richard Sink’s Ultimate Toolbox

What happens to your tools after working? Do you find difficulty finding them for the the next time you’ll use them? The existing problem of tool-clutter may be bearable but seriously impacts the harmony and efficiency of work. To resolve this matter, Richard Sink has come up with his own Ultimate Toolbox. Basically, it’s a […]

Invergo-Automated Pour Over Coffee System

Manage your brewing experience using the Invergo and cherish your best coffee again and again. Invergo-Automated Pour Over Coffee System is one of the top automatic pour-over coffee systems. By improving the essential components; like brew volume, water temperature, steeping time, and brewing apparatus; the Invergo provides delightful coffee. Invergo offers the power to modify […]

AirBedz Truck Bed Air Mattress

Do you want to bring the comfort of your bed while spending a night in the middle of your outdoor adventures? Well, Airbedz Truck Bed Air Mattress is the one for you. This all-original designed truck bed has reinforced compact materials and cushioned heavy duty fabric. And it’s been put through rigorous testing to prove […]

Sada Collapsible Bike

Sada Collapsible Bike, created by Italian designer Gianluca Sada is yet another form of urban transport that can be shrunk to just a fraction of its size by an easy folding system. This kind of engineering is not new, nevertheless the Sada Collapsible Bike features a few positive aspects in comparison to its predecessors. And […]

Top 10 Last Minute Gifts For Men Under $20

Purchasing gifts for male friends and family doesn’t need to be expensive – it really is surprising how little you can actually spend yet still end up getting a fine gift for those dudes. When you realize that you have only 1 week to buy your gift, it becomes more difficult to choose as you […]

FoldiMate Clothes Folding Machine It is the cold hard truth: everybody dislikes folding clothes. It’s boring and takes away precious time. The FoldiMate Clothing Folding Machine ensures you never need to fold laundry again. Every single FoldiMate is built to sit next to your washing machine and dryer enabling you to just “feed” the freshly-cleaned garments into the machine and allow […]

Open Bionics Deus Ex

Open Bionics has developed an artificial arm influenced by the human figure, Adam Jensen, in the game Deus Ex. It is part of a larger marketing plan to take the world of Deus Ex to existence. The prosthetic arm and hand function by means of remote control, making use of Razer’s Stargazer digital camera and […]

RIF 6 Cube Mobile Projector 120 inch Display

The technological advancement has allowed almost impossible products to be created, with smaller but more powerful gadgets. Case in point is the latest RIF6 Cube, a miniature 2” mobile projector that shoots a 120” display sourced from your smartphone or tablet. You no longer have to set up a projector, laptop, and other programs to […]

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