OneBlade The Only Razor You’ll Ever Need

OneBlade has jumped into the wet shaving arena with a bit of thrill, and some disagreement too. A single-edge, single-blade, stainless steel razor featuring a pivoting head, the OneBlade razor desires to be “the best razor on Earth.” OneBlade, a razor that can transform your morning shave from a struggle into a pleasurable routine, is […]

LifeSaver Jerrycan Water Purifier

If you’re always spending time in the outdoors or going to places with no clear source of clean water, you will need to bring this with you to save your stomach from unwanted microorganisms. LifeSaver Jerrycan Water Purifier is a durable and handy water filter effective producing thoroughly clean drinkable water, eliminating toxins, harmful bacteria, […]

Speed Trap Indicator by TrapTap

Making use of information and facts discovered from the Internet rather than a cluster of detectors, the TrapTap Speed Trap Indicator is designed to alert you of red light video cameras, speeding traps, and other possible problems. This compact gadget links to an accessory app over Bluetooth and illuminates red in proximity to red light cameras […]

Triple Barrel Shotgun By Chiappa Firearms

Chiappa Firearms released the company’s Triple Barrel shotgun a couple of years back. Recently, the company introduced 2 new variations of the shotgun: one in 20 gauge and another one in 28 gauge. They call the 20 gauge the Triple Threat while they call the 28 gauge shotgun the Triple Crown. The Triple Barrel shotgun […]

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