Mostfit Fitness Sledgehammer

One of the best work outs is hitting a sledgehammer on a tractor tire. It gets your core into shape to develop a solid foundation for all of your training programs. The Mostfit Fitness Sledgehammer simulates a “sledgehammer” strike but bears a ball on the tip that will take the impact as soon as it […]

Audi A8 Extended Car

The Audi A8 L is already a huge car, however, the Audi A8 Extended Car is a tank. In advancement for mostly a year, it is 20.9 feet long featuring a wheelbase that is 3.6 feet longer as compared to the L, and utilizes its additional room to create space for 2 more entry doors […]

Ninja Snorkel Mask

You truly haven’t been to a tropical beach or an island if you haven’t seen its coral reef. Snorkeling is an excellent way to examine the sea without the need of scuba gear. However, it will keep you tethered on top of the water and makes you breathe by way of your mouth only which […]

Glock Nintendo Zapper Custom Handgun

A custom-made firearms maker in Texas created a Custom Glock Handgun to look like a Nintendo Zapper, the famous light gun that sold with countless of Nintendo Entertainment Systems in the 1980’s. Designed with such an inspired customization, the gun was constructed by Texas-based device prototyping firm Precision Syndicate. Shortly after issuing photos to their […]

9mm Ear Buds by Munitio

There is somewhat disturbing about the idea of jamming something that appears like a bullet into your ear, but of course, 9mm Ear Buds by Munitio obviously aren’t the typical earbuds. Not only are their metallic figures designed after 9mm shell cases, but their versatile tips are in fact branded as “Silicone Hollow Points.” Although […]

Porsche 911 Office Chairs

Perhaps you dream all day about driving the Porsche 911 car. Live your dream and use this remarkable Porsche 911 Office Chairs that help you simulate that experience. In either case, it is possibly the best office chair you will get your butt into. The very same car seats in the Porsche 911 Carrera GTS […]

AXI 2 Luxury Hoverboard

The Korean company, Nepdesign, is capitalizing on products that are matched to the swiftly growing needs in the field of technological innovation. One of their most recent projects, the AXI 2 Luxury Hoverboard, is a redesigned hoverboard scooter to make appear sleeker and redefines specifications of elegance in its class. Axi2 electric powered vehicle functions similarly […]

Callaway Corvette Aero Station Wagon

Renowned Corvette tuner, Callaway Cars, enables you to purchase an exciting conversion process for the C7 Corvette! It’s called the Callaway Corvette Aero Station Wagon. This exclusive offer can be obtained for the classic Stingray model and the Z06 coupe. It provides the Corvette a more sophisticated appearance and the additional cargo space. The transformation […]

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