Anker Powerhouse Charger

The Anker PowerHouse shelters a 400Wh lithium-ion power supply that can totally charge a mobile phone 40 times, power up a laptop computer as much as 15 times, power a 15-volt lightbulb for over 100 hours, and supply a small freezer or fridge for 7 hours. The Anker PowerHouse offers 4 fast-charging a 12-volt socket, USB ports, […]

Iphone 6 Covr Photo Case

Iphone 6 Covr Photo Case is a protective case for the iPhone 6 featuring an integrated sliding camera lens with a prism that will let you take photos and videos while keeping your mobile phone as you normally would. Due to the case’s flexible system, it is possible to select between the iPhone camera or […]

Top 10 Best Wooden Wallets for Men

  Wood wallets belong to the group of minimalist wallets that are rapidly gaining reputation because of the natural, highly durable features that wood offers. Built from top quality wood, the wood wallets also are likely to age elegantly, changing as time passes from an empty canvas into a work of art of marks, nicks, and […]

Thin and Sleek HP Spectre Laptop

HP’s launch of their recent, and extremely lovely, HP Spectre 13 laptop. The slim and smooth release is an exquisite 10.4mm-thick, weighs about 2.5 lbs, includes a carbon fiber clamshell with its Core i5 processor, 8GB of RAM, 1080p display screen and around 10 hours of battery life. You can call it the thinnest laptop […]

Sony PS4 Remote Play

If you can’t play your favorite PS4 game because somebody is using the television, you can now use your PC. With Playstation’s latest update – it is possible to enjoy that game on your PC or Mac laptop instead. Sony PS4 Remote Play can be the next big thing for PS4 gamers. The 3.50 software update […]

Bodum’s Pour Over Coffee Maker

If you are planning to make yourself some coffee with some luxury beans, you shouldn’t be putting them in a typical outdated coffee pot, it will not give you your desired level coffee of perfection. Bodum’s pour over coffee maker is made to obtain all of the essential and healthy oils, sugars, and fats on […]

Lowepro Droneguard Backpack for Drones

For a real aerial professional photographer/videographer, the quadcopter drone is as important as the camera. For protection, Lowepro has currently presented one more pack to its DroneGuard selection: the DroneGuard Backpack 450 AW. This secure and compact drone backpack is developed to travel to anywhere in the world, carrying quadcopter like DJI Phantom 4 or […]

Impossible Project I-1 Instant Camera

The Impossible Project has released the Impossible Project I-1 Instant Camera, an classic analog revival. The I-1 instantly prints pictures making use of Impossible Project 600-type film. The camera features digital controls not present in the initial Polaroid camera. Utilizing an affiliated iOS app, photography enthusiasts can regulate flash, aperture, shutter speed, and pick among […]

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