Repulsor Ultra Powerful Wearable Flashlight

Usually, a flashlight would be great for a few meters visibility, but this amazing light goes well beyond that. Repulsor Ultra Powerful Wearable Flashlights offers a full luminous flux of 7911 lumens which is one of highest in existing flashlights. There are two function settings with one delivering 200 meters range and the other with […]

Mini Materials Lego Building Block Made of Real Materials

Mini Materials is very similar to Lego, but is made of genuine components! Anyone can utilize your inner engineer with these amazing tiny constructing block, make use of items like cinder blocks (created from true cinder block cement), bricks (produced from actual terra cotta), solid wood palettes and real wood planks, it even has concrete mixture to […]

Quadcopter Racing POV Video Through the Woods

This is a pretty sweet video of French drone enthusiasts racing quadrocopters through the woods with the aid of onboard video cameras and video goggles. FPV or first person view seems like a fun new way of racing. The video footage displays an incredible view of quadcopters rushing through a woodland course. They’re making use of […]

London Uses Pigeons To Track Pollution

London is an expanding city with a human population of around 8.6 million. That development is unavoidably associated with air pollution, with automobiles congesting the city driveways. However, worry not; the British capital’s pigeons are right here to save the day. The once reviled feathered creatures are being used by a British firm, Plume Labs, […]

Triton Human Gills Underwater Re-Breather

South Korean developer Jeabyun Yeon just released a conceptual scuba mask that enables scuba divers to breathe undersea without air tanks. Triton Underwater Rebreather consists of 2 branching arms made to function as “gills” that removes oxygen from the water and supply breathable air straight into their wearer’s airways. Rather than carrying around heavy scuba […]

Nike Creates World’s First Self Tying Shoe

Nike has publicized a mass production shoe designed to contain real-life power laces. This shoe called HyperAdapt 1.0, is going to be the first shoe to benefit from Nike’s adaptable lacing (self-tying) technological innovation, which the business is touting as a whole new platform for shoes. This indicates, eventually, your Air Max’s, Jordan’s, and FlyKnit […]

LED Lights With Plants Inside

Plants help make the air cleaner, people happier and the planet a prettier location. But what do you need to do if you are stuck in a windowless room and wish to add a touch of genuine vegetation? Because of this revolutionary Mygdal Plant Light you might be in good fortune! To put it simply, […]

Virtual Reality Roller Coaster

Alton Towers Resort’s ‘Galactica’ is a brand new virtual reality roller coaster that can make its riders think as if they’ve been brought in into outer space. Making use of a VR headset, riders are meant to feel just as if they are actually in space with the view of the earth. This unforgettable experience […]

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