The Ghe O Rescue Vehicle

The world really needs a new 4-wheeled hero. A superhero with a diesel heart, the capacity to ford estuaries and rivers in one bound, and can handle any terrain to reach remote areas without delays. It’s here, and it’s known as The Ghe-O Rescue Vehicle, and we anxiously — seriously — need one right now. […]

Awesome! They Make a Storm Trooper Prosthetic Arm for Boy

The E-NABLE network is extremely impressive: they utilize 3D printing to create plain, low-cost prosthetics for kids who are growing too fast to be eligible for regular ones. Their most recent beneficiary is Liam Porter from Georgia, who was presented with the Storm Trooper Prosthetic Arm by John Peterson. Peterson met with some Star Wars […]

HudWood Carabiners and Money Clip

HUDWOOD is a Slovenian design and style company that has embarked on their quest making fabulous everyday carry items made of wood. They’ve started with eye appealing wooden Carabiners and Money Clips with the objective of getting back to nature. Extremely light in weight but expectedly durable, the HudWood wooden wallets and carabiners can be […]

BlueJay Smart Mount for Your Car

While most car companies are favoring more on smartphone integration technologies such as Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, some other automobiles – old and new – continue to function with poor or even no connectivity between their mobile phones and automobiles’ infotainment systems. Currently, The Kiwi Factory has released a hybrid of hardware and software […]

SteakStones Lava Stone Cooking System

Are you are searching for a different way to cook food and dazzle dinner guests? Take a look at the fabulous SteakStones grill. After heating up the lava stone in your oven (350 degrees), it remains sizzling for 20-30 minutes — lots of time to sear and prepare a steak, fish, shrimp or perhaps lamb. […]

Maserati Levante Luxury Crossover SUV

Desperate to get its mark in the high-class crossover industry, Maserati is introducing their very first SUV—the Levante. Influenced by an earlier model, the Maserati Levante SUV comfortably brings together a far more utilitarian visual with the unique design of this renowned Italian brand. Regardless of few particulars being introduced before its Geneva Motor Show […]

DarkFin Gloves Give You Webbed Hands for Swimming

Despite the fact that we are mostly composed of water, humans are designed for dwelling on dry land — thus our absence of webbed feet and hands. DarkFin Gloves resolve part of this puzzle with a rear-webbed design and style that enhances your hands surface area by 70%, makes it possible to tread water making […]

Insta Fire – Start a Fire Under Any Conditions

Starting a fire for a camping site is hard, if not unachievable, in various weather. And for individuals who don’t have considerable knowledge in the art of fire building, the aggravation encircling this can spoil a camping holiday. Fortunately for those without the similar outdoor expertise as Bear Grylls, you can own the InstaFire, a straightforward […]

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