Top 5 Best Apple Watch Bands Under $40

When it first arrived on the scene, just owning an Apple Watch help you stand out. However, as product sales of the watch have reached the millions, your own smart watch starts to blend in. Among the cool reasons for having the Apple Watch is how quickly you can change the band to modify it. […]

Top 5 Best Mirrorless Cameras

Mirrorless cameras for about a decade have been available on the market, but they have actually started to make a huge impact during the past couple of years. The majority of serious professional photographers might have definitely been photographing using a DSLR camera just a couple years back, but this time quite a few get […]

Fly Like Superman With This Underwater Jetpack

Have you been snorkeling and observed something extraordinary underneath you, but weren’t able to see it up close before your breath runs out? In that case, you’ll be needing Scuba gear to take a closer inspection, not any longer because of the worlds very first underwater jet pack known as the x2 Sport. This cool […]

Trubrain Think Drinks

A team of neuroscientists has produced the very first energy-drink made to enhance the human brain. It’s known as truBrain. The firm’s CEO Chris Thompson says that the Brain Brew  packs a punch that is much better when compared to a jolt of caffeine. truBrain options may or may not include caffeine, depending on your […]

Amp Me – Synchronize Everyones Phone Speakers

Want to make a huge speaker system in a small group gathering, but don’t possess any true speakers? This new device will help you with that. AmpMe is a brand new app that lets you link mobile phones and Bluetooth speakers into a single big synced audio system. As soon as AmpMe is setup on […]

Level Motion Platform Helps Improve Your Posture

The Level created by FluidStance is actually a work platform that generates refined, continuous motion beneath your feet to improve your flexibility and heart rate. Created primarily as a device for your immediate work enviroment, you can use it in common areas of both the office and home, or cleverly combined with a stand-up desk. […]

Alternative Ballistics Non-Lethal Gun Attachment

A California-based company known as Alternative Ballistics is promoting an easy-to-install addition for hand guns that offers to help make bullets non-lethal enabling police officers to immobilize a suspect without the need of leading to fire life-threatening gunshots. The most significant function of the item, known as The Alternative, would be that it doesn’t hinder […]

Skarp Laser Razor Shaver

Laser technology has evolved quite a bit over the years, having made advances from sci-fi to science fact inside the healthcare industry, production, and also as a “death star” laser to aid uncover the secrets of our galaxy. However, the most recent laser-enabled notion is something the typical buyer can more easily value. The Skarp […]

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