Carry Your Cat or Small Dog Like a Kangaroo with This Hoodie

Pet lovers will do everything to stay near to their precious pets, but you can’t hold them on your lap all the time if you have something else to do like reading a book or writing your paper. A hoodie has recently been developed so your pet won’t be out of sight. The ‘Mewgaroo’ is actually […]

Guy Spends 3 Years Building 24-Foot Long Lego Boat

Jim McDonough is definitely an expert at his art. He enjoys creating things with Lego and also naval history and motorboats. So when these interests mix, amazing things happen. McDonough’s insanely massive, unbelievably well-detailed Lego navy vessels are the products of legend. Within the last 3 years, the McDonough has been constructing the 1:40 scale […]

Homping Grill – Portable and Efficient Grill Only Uses Four Cubes of Charcoal

Grill enthusiasts apparently all agree that grilling with charcoal delivers exceptional flavor over propane gas grills. The challenge, especially when considering portable grills, is usually that the grilling with charcoal is messier and much more time-consuming. The can make charcoal grilling tidier and much easier, by using a battery-powered fan to boost performance, reduce the […]

Inventor Creates High Voltage Ejector Bed For People Who Can’t Wake Up

A British developer posted a video of his remedy for those who can’t wake up with an alarm– a “High Voltage Ejector Bed” that throws people from their bed. Colin Furze, a garage inventor, uploaded a video to YouTube exhibiting his “High Voltage Ejector Bed” doing his thing. The vast majority of its component was […]

They Turned a Drone Into a Flying Human Torch for Fantastic Four

It might just be some viral marketing and advertising for the upcoming Fantastic Four movie, however, this human torch drone is unquestionably extraordinary. The truth is, just by a few of the critiques for the remake of the Marvel flick, it could be preferable to just enjoy this awesome clip instead. The video was taken […]

Guy Hacks Cat Feeder so His Cat Can Hunt for Its Food

Naturally, cats are aggressive and predatory animals – they enjoy hunting food. On the other hand, in a tamed setting, we deprive them of that instinctive exercise. Benjamin Millam, an ambitious geek, produced an interior outlet for his cat’s adventurous tenancies instead of allowing his cat outdoors to hunt the neighborhood fair outside. Rather than […]

20 Customized Food Trucks From Around the World

Food trucks feature among the best foods that you may not see in other places. The good thing about this is that they go where you are… outside your office, sporting events, festivals or even on your neighborhood. Although food is mainly all about the taste, there’s been a natural readiness in the cocinero community […]

Top 10 Camping Gadgets

This particular blog post is devoted to the diligent tech nerd who also has a desire for sweet nature. In case you are into camping with your loved ones, traveling the great outdoors, hiking hills or mountains and even take pleasure in the sounds of nature while having gadgets nearby, there are solutions right here […]

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