Fizzics a Soda Stream for Home Draft Beer

Who wouldn’t love the ? We all love to test out carbonating various kinds of liquids rather than actually creating soda, although it only works a few of the time. At this point, the people behind Fizzics have utilized high-level design and style to our boozy dreams and enhanced a tool that takes your day-to-day […]

Znaps Magnetic Phone Charger Adapter

Charging smartphones made easier! ZNAPS is an easy yet excellent way to avoid frazzled charging wires, tripping over cable leading to squashed phones, unnecessary fiddling to connect cable at nighttime, damage from water through charging electric outlet, and much more! This revolutionary magnetic charging adapter is likely to make your daily life just a bit […]

Top 5 Best iPad Keyboard Cases

Using an iPad for work and business has become favored by a number of users, and it can be a perfect fit. There are numerous good apps to get work completed, and the iPad is the sole computer system some need to have. Other people may find the necessity to match the iPad with a decent […]

TerraFugia Flying Car

Flying cars are futuristic transport vehicles which are quite ambitious and impractical to produce. Nevertheless, that has not stopped Terrafugia from making their TF-X design, that has  recently been modified with a smooth brand new exterior. As soon as in the air, the TF-X features a range of 500 miles and a 200mph flying cruise […]

Luna Smart Mattress Cover

Nothing can compare to slipping into a warm mattress on a chilly night. The drawback is the time it takes for your electric blanket to warm up, but heating the fabric to produce that cozy slumbering cocoon obviously needs one to “flick it on” ahead of time. The creators of Luna developed an internet-connected bed mattress cover […]

Go Fish Underwater Fishing Camera

Ever thought about what it would be like to fasten a GoPro on your fishing line to view and witness all the underwater action on video?  It might probably be cool to observe how the fish move underwater and how they react upon seeing your bait. GoFish Cam is a wireless, underwater camera that is […]

iPhone Light Painting Pen

Generally, light painting needs a bit of photography expertise and several camera equipment. But with this new product, even without photography skills, it will give you and the kids something to try out when got bored. Generate amazing designs and add unique touches to images using the iPhone light painting pen. The pen itself will […]

Electric Self Balancing Scooter aka “Mini Segway”

At first sight, this looks like the mix of a skateboard and segway. It’s quite unusual but when you see how people easily ride this gadget, it’s pretty cool. This device serves as a self-balancing mobility system which appears like a pair of super shoes which enables you to simply maneuver around anywhere theres pavement at speeds […]

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