Prisma Skateboard Guitars

Skateboards are proven tough, hard and strong material. Junk skateboards are now turned into different sorts of things like furniture, stairs, and giveaways. Not only that, someone found a unique way to turn used skateboard into art. Prisma Skateboard Guitar is a hybrid of cool: rock music and skateboarding world combined. Choose among a wide […]

Sprite Portable Drone

Sprite is much like a tool than a toy. It is totally different from other unmanned aerial vehicle since it is tall and slender. Most drones nowadays are wide and flat designed for open spaces. The Sprite Drone is made for hiking, camping, and rock climbing. It’s form makes it more suitable in the jungle […]

Cliff House

Today, a house with an overlooking sea view is too mainstream. If you want to excite your visitors with a breathtaking view, then the Cliff house is the right one for you. As the name suggests, your house is on the cliff, not beside, but hanging over it. The house is 5-story tall with spacious […]

Crank Brothers Bike Multi-Tool

Why carry a tool box for your bike when you can buy a single multi-tool? Bring with you the Crank Brothers Bike Multi-Tool. All tool functions are compact on a single carrying frame making it easy to carry with you each time you go biking. It provides you with 16 functions such as a chain […]

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