Batmobile Motorcyle

If you wish to appear to be a┬ácomplete badass, this Batmobile Motorcycle is your best ride of choice. This customized motorcycle features an all clad hand constructed framework designed following the Dark Knight’s┬álegendary ride. It’s actually a tricycle – Batmobile influenced by the one from the Batman films and perhaps the best rides you’ll see […]

Ivation Air Fryer – Fry Foods Without Oil

The ultra-modern technological innovation of the works on the potent convection fan to flow hot air which swiftly cooks the food perfectly. Basically stick to the clear directions, push several buttons, and in no time you will be taking pleasure in scrumptious sensible food minus the oil and grease. Fix the precise cooking time and […]

Closca Fuga Collapsible Bike Helmet

Closca Fuga signifies the balance between Functionality, Design, and Safety modifying a safety component right into a fashion accessory. The makers stay dedicated to providing design and advancement in an ever-growing worldwide market: the bike as a means of transport in our metropolitan areas. Closca Fuga isn’t just a safety accredited bike helmet but additionally […]

Adjustable Magnetic Belt

The MagBelt is the ideal belt for every individual who loves fashion or adventure. It looks fantastic if you wear it in the office or for hiking in the jungle. It will help keep your jeans up at all times, whether it be snowboarding, playing golf, sportfishing, dancing, twerking, or just for short walks. Magzook […]

Indestructible Lighting Cable Phone Charger

Most people have experienced it – the frazzled cords, cables tied in knots, and also the happy puppy gnawing on their charger. Now meet the Toughest Cable on Earth. TITAN resolves all of those issues and much more with its industrial-grade cord that is covered with not one, but two levels of versatile, high-strength material. […]

Fluttua Floating Bed

Fluttua Floating Bed, a One-legged suspended bed, is a durable yet highly discreet framework giving the impression of a bed suspended right out of the wall. This provides a spectacular look and feel to your bedrooms. An option of a lighting rig installed underneath enhances the effect and helps make the whole idea an unreal […]

Open Palm Fireball Launcher

Have you dreamt of having super power abilities like the X-Men when you were a child? It’s not possible to control the weather like Storm or fire laser beam using your eyes like Cyclops, but a terrific new device that is surprisingly reasonably priced will give you a chance to throw fireballs just like Pyro. […]

Yolk Solar Panel for Phones Thin as a Piece of Paper

Compact solar power chargers for your devices are not new, however, the most advanced models are just vaguely the same as the first chargers available on the market. Yolk Solar Paper, the world’s slimmest and lightest solar charger ever made, offers you lightweight solar power in a pocket-sized bundle. Solar Paper is severely lightweight, it’s […]

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