Reversible Chewbacca Hoodie

Pack up against the cold within this large, Reversible Chewbacca Hoodie! Philcos has introduced an legally licensed reversible Star Wars Chewbacca and Han Solo hoodie that may be worn to either transform you into a hairy Wookiee or make it seem like you are wearing Han‘s Hoth parka. The Chewbacca part is totally coated with […]

MYO Telekinetic Armband To Control Drones

Thalmic Labs had an incredibly serious and ambitous objective – to modify the way we play with our daily computer units. To that end, they’ve designed a gesture control device, they called the MYO Telekinetic Armband, that sits around the meaty section of the forearm and identifies minor muscle motions, arm rotations or even electrical impulses […]

The World’s First Smart Rifle

This innovative shooting system eliminates the guess job and determines when to commit. It’s recently been identified as the world’s first smart rifle. Think about a weapon so advanced that it converts a very normal shooter into a professional marksman who strikes the bulls-eye each time. Get to know the TrackingPoint Precision Guided Firearm (PGF), the […]

Gerber Zombie Apocalypse Survival Blades

Imagine if our worst fears are fulfilled. In the event that the Dead actually start walking, the existence of the humans will become a day-to-day battle. Are you ready to guard and protect your loved ones? Are you ready to fight for every inch, for every breath you take? The best chance you have depends […]

The Roger App – Walkie Talkie Messaging App

The Roger app enables you to communicate with your pals and loved ones by getting voice messages on-demand. It’s developed by the same provider that introduced us Spotify, and to put it to use, you just insert your friend’s cell phone number, tap to talk, and deliver them a voice message. In case your pal is […]

The 10lb Toblerone Chocolate Bar

Remember those gloomy times when you can only obtain Toblerone candy in the airport’s duty-free store? Truthfully, we’re residing in progressive days; those dang tasty bars are all over the place now, from the local gas station to the grocery store down the highway. But that doesn’t imply that the candy’s caliber has decreased. Toblerone bars […]

They Invented The World’s Deadliest Bullet

The world’s advanced pistols and the projectiles are now computer-developed while the accuracy is designed by extremely experienced weapons specialists to generate maximum precision and performance. The possibilities are wide open to armed forces, law enforcement and local owners of an array of weaponry have never been better, and if G2 Research has their way, […]

These Guys Make and Fly Giant RC Star Wars Destroyer

note: Skip to 2:30 of the video to see the GIANT one. note: Skip to 2:30 of the video to see the GIANT one. The Flite Test pilots fly a huge radio-controlled model of a Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer. Before releasing the large model, they dispatched a small model up including a “warp drive” […]

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