20 Customized Food Trucks From Around the World

Food trucks feature among the best foods that you may not see in other places. The good thing about this is that they go where you are… outside your office, sporting events, festivals or even on your neighborhood. Although food is mainly all about the taste, there’s been a natural readiness in the cocinero community to offer it in out of the ordinary and aesthetically-pleasing approaches. Simply because (as the hundreds cooking shows on tv will confirm) food is not only about the taste or the flavor but also the experience that comes with it.

Food truck owners are finding ways to make to their trucks look presentable, unique and eye-catching, of course, that’s how they will get your attention to try their food. However, there are food trucks that will surely stand out from the crowd with their creative design and style.

We present to you our selection of the most awesome food vans on the planet. These 20 food trucks take street food to bizarre new heights, with innovative chefs turning street food into a creative art form.


1. The Tank-Tread Burrito Van

The Tank-Tread Burrito Van

Introducing the Roving Mammoth, a food truck developed into a snowcat, with massive snow treads that enable it to visit anyplace on snowy Mammoth Mountain offering delicious burritos.

2. The Grass-Covered Food Van

Lawn Ranger

The scrumptious aromas that waft out of this astroturf coated van, known as  the “Lawn Ranger,” is enough to inform you this is no regular street food.

3. The Huge Hot Dog on the Roof Van

The Huge Hot Dog on the Roof Van

Munch Mobile is a new food truck offering up “elevated American Bistro delicacies and alcohol influenced mocktails.

4. The Cupcake Bus

The Cupcake Bus

You already know that by looking at it, you know they are serving cupcakes. The Cupcake Bus selling The Cupcake Collection’s family influenced cupcakes to people of every age group all through Nashville.

5. The Pimpin’ Purple Neon Van

The Pimpin’ Purple Neon Van

This is one severely “pimped out” food van with the purple fluorescent up top, and the awesome visual on the side. This truck can be seen from a distance.

6. The Metal Pig Van

The Metal Pig Van

The Maximus / Minimus, a food truck is about producing tasty pulled pork sandwiches… all clinging on the concept of one taste profile being Maximus (savory and spicy!) and yet another being Minimus (tangy and sweet).

7. The Frozen Yogurt Bus

The Frozen Yogurt Bus

The SNOG bus belongs to Southbank’s Festival of Love festivities and the refurbed double-decker Routemaster bus – filled with fluro pink splash of paint and open top deck.

8. The Ambulance Food Van

The Ambulance Food Van

This food truck might be mistaken as an emergency truck, but they are serving delicious food on the road.

9. The Punk Rock Food Van

The Punk Rock Food Van

This food truck is not for ordinary guys. With its Mohawk, it’s ready for a Guac and Roll! The truck also boasts music videos, and, at some point, karaoke, video gaming, live music artists and insane contests for patrons.

10. The Beatbox Kitchen

The Beatbox Kitchen

It may seem like a retro audio system, but this is really a food van.

11. The Space Shuttle Cafe

The Space Shuttle Cafe

After many years of modification from one owner to another, it was subsequently an unusual food truck which served delicious food since 2005.

12. The Hot-Dog-Mobile

The Hot-Dog-Mobile

It’s virtually a hot dog on wheels. Amazing food truck that has become an American Icon.

13. The Lobster Van

The Lobster Van

This food truck is either a wacky personalized food truck or proof of a giant lobster attack.

14. The Peanut Van

PUBLISHED by catsmob.com

This giant peanut is the planters’ food truck which will surely catch your attention – it’s nuts!

15. The Burger Van

The Burger Van

Just by looking at it, you know they are selling burgers and yeah it makes your mouth water….mmm hungry.

16. The Vincent Van Dough Van

2013 Classic Car Boot Sale

This food van takes the inspiration from the famous artist Vangough, now they call it Van Dough serving deliciously baked pizzas.

17. The Dystopian Pizza Van

The Dystopian Pizza Van

If the time comes when we’ve consumed most of the earth’s natural resources, and the planet is absolutely nothing but wasteland, this is exactly what pizza / post apocalyptic vehicles will look like.

18.  The Communist Propaganda Van

The Communist Propaganda Van

At first glance, you will think this a communist propaganda truck, but they are serving yummy treats for their customers.

19. Team America Ice Cream Van

Team America Ice Cream Van

This Uncle Sam Ice cream truck is serving delicious ice cream not just to Americans but to all customers of all nations!

20. The Extreme Ice Cream Van

The Extreme Ice Cream Van

If you think your camping site can’t be reached by an Ice Cream truck, you are dead wrong. The Extreme Ice Cream truck will offer ice cream off-road and in remote areas.


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