10 Gifts for the Ultimate Avengers Fan

These gifts are perfect for that special someone in your life that absolutely loves the Avengers. Who are we kidding? You probably want these for yourself!

1. Avengers T-Shirts


These aren’t your average novelty t-shirts. Some of these actually look good enough to wear out and about. Case in point is the Distressed Captain America Shirt. It’s by far the of the most popular item on this list and you can clearly see why…. It just looks great!

2. Avengers Coffee Mugs


“Hulk SMASH!!!” Get your inner beast under control with some caffeine. We all need a jolt each morning and what better way to get your day started with a superhero mug. Not only would these be great at home, just like this Hulk statue, they are even more perfect at work. All your co-workers will be envious.

3.Avengers Hats


Hats are really self explanatory, so there really isn’t much we can say. Step 1) You put in on your head and Step 2) you look cool. Just buy one already.

4. Avengers Hoodies


Think hoodies are all created equal? Think again. These superhero hoodies are fashioned to look like your favorite character. Pop the hood up and you are transformed to a bad ass. Upgrade your hoodie to one of these, you wont be sorry.

5. Avengers Lunchbox


These are our personal favorite. They combine nostalgia and probably the coolest way to pack your work lunch! These are not only for adults, they are good for kids too!

6. Avengers Grilling Apron


Sometimes you need a superhero to save the BBQ. Or, a big green guy to SMASH some burgers onto the grill? What better way to enjoy grilling out summer with a grill apron of your favorite Avenger. Impress your guests and look cool. Done.

7. Avengers Bobble Head

A bobble head gift is perfect for an office desk. At work you won’t risk the chance of overdoing it, but at the same time you get an opportunity to showcase a little bit of you personality. Don’t be the boring one at work, get a bobble head.

8. Avengers Keychain

Ah yes, the keychain. You may probably have a bunch of keychains from vacations or from old Christmas stocking stuffers. But do any of those really mean anything? Make your keychain special and get one of these.

9. Avengers Pajamas

Do you remember Saturday mornings as a kid? No school, a big bowl of cereal and hours of Satruday morning cartoons. It was awesome. Chances are you also wore your favorite superhero PJs. Who says you can’t do that now as an adult? You make the rules now, so have at it.

10. Avengers Jewelry


Of course, these are not your luxury pieces of jewelry, but they are still pretty damn cool. Choose from the most popular Captain America Ear Rings to the very sleek Thor Hammer Ring.


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