ZTE Axon M Smartphone Has a Hinge For 2 Full Screens

ZTE Axon M Smartphone 2

ZTE Axon M Smartphone features two matching full-sized 1080p displays – one in the front and one more in the back. Certainly, you can use one screen to read a messaging app while operating Tinder on the other, so that you can simply put down the mobile phone with the side you want your boss to see when they pop into your office. The two-display combination, however, may be used to do a lot more.

The ZTE Axon M’s couple of screens are actually hinged, letting you flip the back display so it’s side by side with the primary screen. In such a function, you can mix the two as one display, with the mobile phone instantly advancing the home screen UI and applications to load the large panel. Fundamentally, it is like your gadget became a tablet. Additionally you can run various apps on each display, to help you check out a spreadsheet on one while composing an email on the other, so that it is easy to examine your references whenever necessary. Yes, meaning you can indulge on Game of Thrones on one screen while exploring Facebook on the other, in order to be just as unfocused on your mobile phone as you are on your computer.

The phone can also be established tent-style, so that any screen is fronting an opposite side while positioned slightly inclined on the desk.



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ZTE Axon M Smartphone 4