ZERO – The $24k Ultimate Zombie Apocalypse Kit

Picture this: The dead have rapidly risen, and they have come back as something different as they seek to eat your brain. Those you were once dearest to now yearn for your flesh. In this point of time, you will need the best zombie fighting kit money can buy or at least $24k worth.

There is absolutely no room for mistake with regards to the undead. The Z.E.R.O. or the “Zombie Extermination, Research and Operations” Kit considers all the various facets of making it through the intruding zombie armageddon. Once the undead hordes increase from their petty graves to cause havoc on all decent nation, you will have to both start fighting (Extermination), and come across a treatment (Research).

The Ultimate Zombie Apocalypse Kit includes all you would ever need like firearms, gear, and lots of safety equipment all created specifically to guard you from the upcoming zombie barrage. The comprehensive package offers objects like Kevlar gloves, thermal vision cameras, foldable solar panel battery charger, knives, a tactical watch, and so much more.

You need to be well prepared. In the new zombie planet, you may be king of the hill or the most delicious treat in town.