ZephVR Adds the Feeling of Wind To Any Virtual Reality Game


The ZephVR turns any VR encounter into a multi-sensory, literally immersive experience. Feel real wind when you are flying, descending, or running in the virtual world. The gadget makes you feel it more real like when you are caught in a storm, climbing a mountain or fleeing away from ghosts. The ZephVR is perfect for action, auto racing, and horror games, and almost anything else.

The ZephVR makes use of machine learning to determine occurrences in VR content. What this means is the device operates with almost all games out-of-the-box. They also partner with programmers who want to build highly personalized experiences for their material. Beyond wind, the technology will allow all types of add-ons and physical effects—vibration, temperature, rain, or other things people can think—so that they integrate all VR content, immediately.